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August 2nd, 2011 by Annette

All My Acres – Goals For All

Joe: Hello Stitch Fans!  Welcome to a Special Edition of the Monthly Goal Post

Fred: Special Edition?

J: Yeah.. you know that thing we’ve been working on?  It’s time for the debut!

F: Finally going to share our idea with the world?  Help those poor misguided crafters meandering their way thru their monthly plans?  Looking for clear guidance and crying out for any help they can possibly find!!  Aching for…

J: Fred.  Dude.  Lighten up.

F:  Ok.

J: Let’s do a quick recap of July’s plans.

  • Finish Mirabilia RR and mail (started on Saturday)
  • Finish Chatelaine Exchange piece
  • Start/Finish July Pine Mountain pillow
  • Finish Moon Over Soho and River Marked

F:  Well, not bad at all.  75% success.

J:  Yes.  The only miss was the Pine Mountain piece.  I call it a successful month.  What do you think?

F: 75% is a C, so that’s a passing grade.

J:  Uh yeah.  Let’s move on to The Big News!

F: Stitch Fans – Having trouble setting your own Monthly Goals?  Feeling the telltale twinge of envy as you cruise the blogsphere and read thru post after post of plans and clearly defined time-boxed entries?  We have the answer!

J: We’ve done an exhaustive evaluation* of monthly goals and developed a turn-key solution!  A set of goals with tremendous potential:

  • Use them As-Is
  • Customize for your current projects
  • Generate personalized goals based on our handy template

F: That’s right, folks.  This is *The* most flexible goal-setting solution!  Are you ready to join the thousands** of bloggers on the Monthly Goals bandwagon?  Ready to report real progress each month or simply increasing your posts per month if not your actual stitching progress….

J: Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Copy the Base Goals listed below
  2. Paste to your own Blog Post
  3. Customize (optional)
  4. Post!

That’s it! Sit back and enjoy a clear conscience knowing *you* have a clear strategy and plan for your stitching time.***

F:  Just to show how simple it is, we’re going to use only the Base Goals for Annette this month.  Here they are…

  • Start Something
  • Finish Something
  • Read Something
  • Make Progress on Something
  • Stitch

That’s it! Short.  Simple. And at least one guaranteed with a single stitch in a given month.

J: No need to thank us, Stitch Fans!  We are here to meet all your Goal and entertainment needs….  Until next month! 

F: Keep Stitching and We’ll Keep the Frogs Away!


  • *Have to make this gig work for us somehow
  • **At least two or three that we know of.  I’m sure there are more we don’t know, right?
  • ***Your Mileage May Vary.  Results Not Typical. Please keep your hands inside the car at all times.  No animals were harmed in the creation of this post.
April 2nd, 2011 by Annette

All My Acres – April Goals

Joe:  Hello Stitch Fans!!  Wow.  Four weeks turned into a few more.  Hey Fred!  How ya been? 

Fred: I’m good, Joe.  Been keeping busy.

Joe: Oh? Anything of interest to the readers?

Fred: No.

Joe: Oh. Well, then, let’s get right to it! I suppose we should start with a recap of February.  Can you flip back the calendar and remind the readers of the plans?

Fred: Sure…..

For February, we had a few goals:

1 – Finish the Chewy Panther socks.

Joe: A moment of silence is in order, I think.  That project simply wasn’t meant to be.


Fred: Next on the list:

2 – Finish Mill Hill Winter Wonderland

Joe: Hmmm… another miss.  I guess that blue on blue just did her in.

Fred: I thought I heard some muttering about the fabric and something about “tiny holes”.  Maybe, related?

Joe: Could be.  Though have you seen some of the stuff she works on lately? None of the holes are very big! 

Fred: Well, the next goal had a different result…

3 – Start/Finish Pine Mountain February Band for DH for Valentine’s

Joe: Yes! Started. Finished. Skipped the t-shirt.

Fred: And last, but not least….

4 – Select the next WIP for finishing out of the overflowing WIP box.

Joe: One would have thought this was the simplest of all.

Fred: Ain’t that the truth, Joe.

Joe: Well, forget the past! It’s April and that means we can move on to brighter and greener pastures!

Fred:  Uhhh…sure.  Anyway, this month’s list doesn’t look bad.  At least we’ve got a full 30 days.

1 – Start/Finish April Pine Mountain kit

2 – Start/Finish Susan’s Mira RR

Joe: Two solid goals.  And definitely workable.  I think I spotted the Mira working copy and a pile of floss this afternoon.

Fred: Probably.  Baseball season has started, too, and you know what that means….

Joe: Hot dogs and apple pie??

Fred:  Not exactly.  Focused stitching time!

Joe: Oh yeah….

Fred: Do you want to see the remaining three goals for the month?

Joe:  Lay ’em on me!

Fred: Here they are:

3 – 10 hours on Greek Mandala

4 – 10 hours on Swan Lake

5 – One full pattern repeat on Helix scarf

Joe: Ambitious!  Especially if she has to make another NY business trip.  And the job has definitely kicked in to high gear in the last few weeks.  Oh, and don’t forget all the new book releases that have arrived on the doorstop lately…..

Fred: That’s all for this month’s show.  See you all next month with the results!

Joe:….and her new iPhone and that Angry Birds game.  Do you think she’ll get hooked on Words with Friends, too?

Fred:  Hey, Joe?  Don’t discourage her before she’s even gotten started this month.  She’s got decent time management skills….

Joe: Well, yeah, but that Crafty ADD is a killer….

Fred: True that….

February 1st, 2011 by Annette

All My Acres

Joe:  Hello Stitch Fans!!  It is great to back here at The Acre in 2011. 

Fred: Great to see you, Joe.  It is nice to be back for the Monthly Goal Roundup.  Hopefully, this year we’ll make it longer than three months.

Joe: {nodding} Agree with you there, Fred. Of course, we’ve already missed January, so this month we’ll only be looking at the plans for February.

Fred: And quite a plan it is!  Let’s get to it…….

For February, we’ve got a few goals:

1 – Finish the Chewy Panther socks.

Joe: Chewy Panther?

Fred: I just read, Joe.

Joe: True that.

Fred: Next on the list:

2 – Finish Mill Hill Winter Wonderland

Joe: Well, that last progress pic was looking good.  Of course, it is the closest we’ll get to snow in Arizona!

Fred: Oh! Look here… a new start is in the works:

3 – Start/Finish Pine Mountain February Band for DH for Valentine’s

Joe: Oh, how romantic. Moving on….

Fred: And last, but not least….

4 – Select the next WIP for finishing out of the overflowing WIP box.

Joe: Heaven knows she’s got plenty to choose from.

Fred: Ain’t that the truth, Joe.

Joe: That’s it for this month!  See you in four short weeks to review just how things work out…