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November 24th, 2010 by Annette

And Halloween is Done!

Blu let me know that her package arrived…

I showed off the majority of the package on the 31st, but there was one more fellow that jumped in for the ride:

This is Boo from a pattern by MochiMochiLand.

A recent comment asked about the “snap” in the Snap bags I made.  It’s a very specialized item….similar to this:

That’s a metal measuring tape, 3/4″ wide.  Essentially you use regular scissors (though I would not recommend using your needlework or sewing shears, just sayin’) to cut sections slightly narrower than the opening.  Trim the corners (minimize risk of cutting through your fabric), cover cut edges with tape (I used clear packing tape, but electrician’s tape would work just as well) and slip them in (curves on the outside) before sewing up the side seams.

November 14th, 2010 by Annette

A Halloween Miracle

Way back on the 13th of October, Kathy won the daily giveaway.

Kathy spends her winters in Arizona, so I made sure to get her package out within just a couple days to give it plenty of time to make it to Canada, before she left.

Canada Post and I have a history.

Sadly, even though I sprung for the “speedy” postage, the package did not arrive before Kathy’s departure at the end of October.

There was no telling what would happen to the package.  Would it come back to me?  Would it be forwarded?  Would it sit in a mailbox for months?

Happily, my good deeds for the last few weeks were well rewarded 🙂  Not only was the package forwarded by Canada Post, but it made it safely to Kathy, now in Arizona, last week!

What it contained:

  • Snap bag
  • Kylie-original bookmark
  • Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews
  • Duck, stamp, pencil and candy (not shown)

The remaining small odd day packages have also arrived:

Catherine (21st):

What it contained:

  • Small Trick or Treat bag
  • Witch (Prairie Schooler) Needlebook
  • Bendy Skeleton
  • Pencil, stamp and candy (not shown)

Heather (27th)

What it contained:

  • Haunted House (Prairie Schooler) needlebook
  • Braided floss tag
  • Bat toy
  • Pencil, stamp and candy bag

Nia (29th)

What it contained:

  • Snap bag
  • Beaded fob
  • Vampire toy
  • Bendy skeleton
  • Stamp, pencil (no candy… I forgot 🙁 )

I’m headed out of town for work this week, so not sure if I’ll be posting until I return.  I do have a bit of stitching and a book or two travelling with me 🙂  So I should have progress to show on my return!

November 3rd, 2010 by Annette


Tomorrow I’m off to Houston for a few days, but thought I might post a few bits before I go…

A couple more Halloween packages arrived.

Erin’s 23rd day:

What it contained:

  • Snap bag
  • Kylie bookmark
  • Small finished box (painted and lined)
  • Skeleton
  • Stamp/pencil/candy (not shown)

Mary Jane’s 25th day:

What it contained:

  • Patch pincushion
  • Braided floss tag
  • Bookmark
  • Costumed rubber duck
  • Stamp/pencil/candy (not shown)

Planning for next year has already begun.

The first official tease:

Progress on the Bernat Crochet-Along:

Clue 6 squares:

A couple more Clue 5 squares underneath.  I still have a few (::cough:: 8 ::cough::) left to do on that one.

New glasses ordered today!

  • It’s been two years since I’ve had new glasses
  • My frames are from Juicy Couture.
  • That took me a little bit to get over, I admit.  I’m a little old to be “Juicy”
  • They have a bit of retro cat-eye-shape. 
  • I wish I’d thought to snap a pic.  🙁
  • I also ordered prescription sunglasses…. a first for me!
  • Ray-ban Wayfarer-style.  White with a way cool print.
  • Sadly, I also failed to think of “take a picture” for them as well.
  • These will be the last glasses for awhile….progressives are pricey!

Take care and I’ll see you after I get home on Sunday!

November 1st, 2010 by Annette

….and we’re done!

Holy moly.

As you can see, I’ve reverted to my regular look and while I still love Halloween, I’m glad it only comes once a year 😉  [Or if you’re in a feed reader, I’m back to my Kylie-drawn graphics and have packed away the witch for eleven months.]

A few packages are still in transit (btw, Canada Post? You BEST get your act together. We will have words if you mess up another delivery. Got that?!?) and the final ones will be out this week. (International recipient + work <> quick mailing).

Over the month, I logged 110+ distinct individuals commenting for the giveaways.  Most days had 27 – 40 eligible entries with the draw yesterday from 113 entries.  Five folks managed the 13 entries for commenting each and every day on both blogs.  

A couple questions from the comments:

When do you start planning all of this?

Last year when I was in Houston, I talked to Missy Ann about working with her for this year’s giveaway and extending the time period. We haven’t had any discussions on next year other than it won’t be 31 days 😉  I’m absolutely planning on doing it again next year!

As for the crafted goodness that made it in each package, the planning started almost immediately with a few test items early this year. No source was sacred – quilting magazines, stitching magazines, the excellent charm selection at my local bead shop, previous finishing I had done. All was used for inspiration.

I started buying supplies in July and actual crafting began in August and was completed, technically, last night LOL. Most of it was done by the 1st of October. I worked up a spreadsheet early for each item I had settled on and how many I would need. This helped determine the shopping lists and what needed to be done early (anything painted or stitched) and what could go later (beaded fobs). My spreadsheet also organized the contents of each package, so there wasn’t much thought needed when it came time to do the teaser pics and packaging for each day’s winner.

My goal for this year was a wide variety of items and techniques.  Items were stitched, painted, sewn, stuffed, beaded, braided and drawn (outsourced that one as I can’t draw a straight line).  Kylie was happy to help and the bookmarks she did (the drawings and the braids) came out very nice. I was proud to put them in their respective mailings 🙂  Candy that wouldn’t suffer from the Arizona heat was included in almost all packages (I missed one. Bother.) and I found the stamps and pencils to round them out.

Next year will probably not be quite as eclectic.  We’ll see.  If you have any comments on what you received or what you’ve seen, please feel free to share them here or email directly to

Where did you find that… (charm, fabric, etc)?

All the charms and most of the beads came from my local bead shop: Beads Galore.  If you find yourself in Arizona, the shop is in Tempe and definitely worth a visit.  A few of the beads (the Halloween glass ones, notably) came from, of all places, Oriental Trading Co.  They were also the source for the stamps and bendy skeletons.

The fabric is tougher to pin down.  It may not surprise you that I need absolutely no reason to buy Halloween-themed fabric.  I have quite a stash of it.  I also bought several fat quarters last year in Houston.  Online sources were and  I know fabrics from both of those sites ended up in finished items.

And a final Thank You….

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the best partner-in-crime-ever, Missy Ann.  You were a great inspiration last year and I’ve got more ideas for next year 😀 

I also logged a personal blogging best in October, posting every day!  I don’t think I’ve done that in the seven years this blog has been in existence!  Definitely won’t see it in November…  I’ll be off on Thursday to Houston for the International Quilt Festival and general mischief with Missy Ann, Cheryl, Amanda, Marie and Mom.  I’ve got crochet blocks and two quilt tops to share yet this week… and hopefully more packages arriving safe and sound!

(Canada Post… I’m looking at YOU!)

October 31st, 2010 by Annette

Winner – 31st Day of Halloween

And the final winner is…..


Congratulations!!!  Email has been sent.

I truly wish I could send something to everyone that entered!  Thank you all for entering 😀

October 30th, 2010 by Annette

31st Day of Halloween

Happy Halloween!

I can’t believe the month is at an end.  It’s been great fun sharing the giveaways.

For this final giveaway, we’re going to do things just a little differently.

First, I’m going to show you the majority of what is in my package (click to biggify):

Most of the items you have seen from previous packages 😉

There is one additional item that will be included… it is unique to this package, so no other hints.

Today’s winner will also receive a package from Missy Ann. Go ahead… click over to see.  I’ll wait. 

Winner will be chosen by 10pm MST on 10/31.  Good luck!

October 30th, 2010 by Annette

Winner – 29th Day of Halloween

This morning was lucky for…


Congratulations!  Email has been sent…

Everyone else, go over to Missy Ann’s and try your luck for today’s giveaway.

A few notes about the 31st Giveaway:

  • Everyone is eligible to enter
  • Entries must be made here, an my blog
  • Winner will receive two packages – one from me and one from Missy Ann
  • Entry post will go up around 9pm MST tonight and winner will be drawn around the same time tomorrow night.

Good luck!  See you back here later tonight 😀

October 29th, 2010 by Annette

29th Day of Halloween

Holy cow, I can’t believe we’ve arrived at the 29th of October!!

Here’s the last tease before the big finale on Sunday:

Dotty, eh? HA!

Good luck!

Be sure to check if you’re yesterday’s winner at Missy Ann’s 🙂

October 28th, 2010 by Annette

Winner – 27th Day of Halloween

And the bat will wing its way to…


Congratulations!!  Email will be off shortly.

Everyone else – sweep over to Missy Ann’s for todays broomtastic drawing.

October 27th, 2010 by Annette

27th Day of Halloween

Are ya ready??



Ok… if you insist….

Good luck!

Of course, you may want to check Missy Ann’s place to see if you won yesterday’s….