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June 8th, 2012 by Annette

June WIPocalypse

Since we last talked WIPocalypse, there has been a bit of progress made…

In addition to finishing the Mill Hill Haunted House, I finally made a start on the planned new start for this year.

This is the June Cottage from Country Cottage Needleworks on 36-ct linen using a conversion to Belle Soie that was done by my LNS, Attic Needlework.  Attic is converting each month to silks and as it was readily available… well… I abandoned my original plan to do them all on one huge piece of fabric and I’m letting fate dictate each one stitched individually.

I’ve learned not to argue with fate.

I also managed another 10 hours on Mirabilia Spring Queen:

The progress is blinding, isn’t it?

And as an official followup to the last post… yes, my DH GOT THE JOB!  We are all VERY  excited here at The Acre!  There has been much rejoicing!  There will also be much shopping this weekend as we start rebuilding him a suitable business wardrobe 🙂  Start date is 6/25.

May 17th, 2012 by Annette


In the last week:

  • I’ve been in four states (other than Arizona).
  • Put 2,400 miles on my car in 38 hours of driving (over four days).
  • Visited with former in-laws for a day.
  • Spent two nights in Albuquerque with my brother and his family
  • Drove by my high school and house I spent several years in (in Albuquerque)
  • Finished another WIPocalypse piece (warning, crappy cell phone pic)

Mill Hill Haunted House kit

  • Finished my third rotation round for 2012 (a total of five pieces…. the finish is the first slot in Round 4)
  • Finished the latest Sookie Stackhouse – Deadlocked (meh)
  • Lost another pound on Weight Watchers (considering I spent four days driving, an amazing feat, right there)
It’s been a busy week.
May 5th, 2012 by Annette

WIPocalypse – May 2012

Another month another progress post.  I’m really liking this whole WIPocalypse thing, I have to say.

Since we chatted last, I have finished three of the four pieces in my shorted rotation.  You’ve already seen Plum Pudding (admittedly, not on the original WIPocalypse list) so I’ll share the other two…. both *on* the WIPocalypse list 🙂

Little House Needleworks Sea to Shining Sea

Three houses done and two remaining.  Well on track for a finish this year!  Woot!

Mill Hill Bead & Button Kit – Haunted House

I finished all the stitching this round.  I predict a finish later this month as I don’t believe the beading is more than ten hours.

And lastly, my first WIPocalypse finish came home from the framer today…


April 23rd, 2012 by Annette

Rotation Revisit – First Plum Pudding pic!

At the end of March, I finished the second round of my 8-piece rotation.  Due to some work travel and a certain bunny that hopped in, I did not jump in to a third round.  I knew I needed some tweaks… given it took sheer force of will to get thru all eight designs slotted in round two.

What to do to rejuvenate?  Well, a new start, of course.  I mean, really, is there no better way to find the stitching mojo again?

Saturday I kicked off Rotation Round Three with Glendon Place’s Plum Pudding.  After nine hours work… here’s where I am (click for a truly biggified version):

Dinky Dyes silks (yum!) and Vintage Stormy Clouds Belfast (yes, I got it wrong in the last post… the curse of age and memory).

This rotation round will look like this:

  1.  Plum Pudding (10-15 hours)
  2.  Spring Queen (10 hours)
  3.  From Sea to Shining Sea (10 hours)
  4.  Mill Hill Haunted House (10 hours)

That’s it.  Four pieces I want to make progress on over the next couple months.  Three are still on the WIPocalypse list, too!  Win!

April 8th, 2012 by Annette

WIPocalypse – April

Whew… it’s been quite busy since my last WIPocalypse post in March.

Our house improvement checklist is down to its last item (new loveseat and couch due the end of this month) and I love love love the changes we’ve made.

Our new bedroom furniture arrived yesterday:

Yes, the walls are pink.  And for Cheryl’s benefit… the piece on the right is my Mirabilia Round Robin – the pixie one.  On the left is DH’s UT clock 😉  The center piece is a stitched baseball-themed piece, but it will probably be moved…at least up a bit.

And the dresser….

We didn’t get the mirror (our closet doors are mirrors and that’s quite enough reflection, thankyouverymuch) so how to fill that wide open space is definitely something to think about.  Pictures?  A small quilt? So many possibilities….

Anyway, the subject of this is WIPocalypse….  since the last update, what stitching I have managed has been from my WIPocalypse list, with one more finish for the year (MH Toy Store Bead & Button kit).  I’m on the final piece of the third time thru my eight-slot rotation (L’Epoch Nouveau) and I’m thinking I’ll bring out Spring Queen to start round four.  She and Greek Mandala will be joining the fun as part of Amazon April.

Now that the house work has been completed and I’ve no business travel on the horizon, I’m looking forward to returning to my regular stitching routine and getting back to making significant progress on the remaining WIPocalypse pieces.

March 17th, 2012 by Annette

Finish Photo Shoot

As I’ve mentioned a few times, I finished Liberty Lane by Country Cottage last month:

I started this not long after it came out in 2009 using the included Crescent Color fibers and Magnolia 32-ct Lakeside Linen

It’s a sweet piece and I’m so glad it’s complete…


Last night, I finished my third piece this year.  It’s from Mill Hill’s Christmas Village collection:

I’ve done a few of these Bead and Button kits and have found working them on 28-ct fabric is MUCH better than working on the stiff perforated paper.

With all the beads on this it came out quite crusty 😉  This piece did make a brief appearance in the last UFO RR I participated in a couple years ago, but the majority of the stitching and beading was done by yours truly.  It took 18.5 hours to complete this year…

That makes four finishes this year, three from my WIPocalypse list!  Woohoo!!

March 11th, 2012 by Annette

March WIPocalypse

Another full moon come and gone and that means another update on my WIPocalypse progress.

I’m happy to report that not only do I have one finish (Liberty Lane) I have kept faithfully to projects on the WIP list (with a very short detour due to an unexpected Travelling Pattern finish)!  I must admit that I continue to marvel at my ability to stay on task each month 😉

In addition to hours on Ink Circles Masquerade and TW’s Dragon Ride, I have spent time on Sea to Shining Sea…

Apologies for the more-than-usual craptastic photo on this.  I finished the words, bottom border, white “box” border and started on the far right house.


And today I finished off another ten hours on Rosemarkie (again, an unusually craptastic picture)

This is using McAulvey Manor from Needle Necessities (not sure what the Threadworx conversion is) on cream Belfast.

For this stint I did all the backstitching in the upper left quadrant there, add the first box (lower center) and started filling in the North “arm.”  I will finish off the first page of the four page chart next time – and it’s definitely the largest of the four.  Woot!

Next I’m returning to the Mill Hill piece and I’ve got my eye on a third WIPocalypse finish for the year!

In other news… my kitchen, dining area, pantry, laundry and both bathrooms now have gorgeous porcelain tile installed.  In fact, we liked it so much we’ve decided to do the same in the remainder of the house.  That will start again tomorrow, so another hectic week here.

Last weekend, we rehung most of my stitching and there’s a suspiciously large space in the living room that we’ve earmarked for Spring Queen.  I suspect she’ll be added to the rotation shortly as that space continues to remind me of her less-than-finished state!

February 7th, 2012 by Annette

February WIPocalypse

And for this month’s full moon, we have quite an update!

As noted in the last post, I did finish Lizzie*Kate’s A Good Marriage!  Score ONE FINISH for the WIPocalypse. Woot!

All of the Jardin January pieces were also from the WIPocalypse list!  Score ONE for WIP Stitching Only!

In the first seven days of February, I’ve completed 10 hours each on two more WIPs from the list 🙂

Mill Hill’s Toy Shoppe (starting pic here):

Almost all the regular stitches are in.  For some of the white x’s that are interspersed with white beads, I’ll do them all at once.  All other x’s are complete 🙂  Just beading and a bit of backstitch left to go!

And after ten hours on L’Epoch Nouveau I ended up here: (starting pic)

Not bad!  I even finished a page.  I didn’t say it was a big page.

And the next two pieces that will see some time….

Ink Circles’ Masquerade and TW’s Dragon Ride (a last minute substitution in honor of the Year of the Dragon!).


January 9th, 2012 by Annette

January WIPocalypse

Welcome to the first WIPocalypse update!

I had hoped to have a finish, but sadly, it is not quite there yet…

Three words left and the bottom band.  Definitely a finish this month, just not quite in time for the full moon 😉


December 29th, 2011 by Annette

A Dose of Reality

Last year, I spent a couple of days organizing The Stash.  I sorted, shifted, alphabetized, labelled, bagged and boxed for more hours than I care to admit.  Today, I spent a couple hours tidying up and putting away purchases from the last year.

It wasn’t *that* bad – I did do some thru the year and drastically reduced my stashed purchases.

A couple things I learned while tidying today:

  • I really like Mill Hill kits
  • I bought significantly less yarn this year, but still could use another box to store
  • I could stitch nothing but small kits (for example, the previously mentioned Mill Hill kits) and be quite busy for a couple years.  At least.

In preparation for the WIPocalypse starting on Sunday, I decided to take some time to catalog my actual WIPs.  See, I’d made my list strictly from memory… of what I *knew* was started and that I wanted to finish.

I thought I’d find about 30.  Maybe 35, tops.


I found 46.

Oh wait…. make that 47.

Holy cow.  I’d have to finish my entire WIPocalypse list to even approach 35.

Based on these findings and the fact that the year is quickly drawing to a close, I’ve made a couple adjustments to my List.  I added the two pieces (A Good Marriage and my Mirabilia Mermaid RR) I’d hoped to finish before year end as my optimism evidently knew no bounds on those.  I also eliminated all but one new start from the list.  Given the plan is to finish it next year (the monthly CCN Cottages), I’m leaving it on.

Now, I’m off to add a page with the full list…’ll be on one of the fancy tabs above  🙂