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September 15th, 2013 by Annette

Sunday Swap – 9/15/2013

Welcome to this week’s Sunday Swap 🙂

For reference – here’s last week’s starting point.

I completed Ava Gardner this week along with the overdye portion of the outer border:

Stars for a New Millennium

(click to biggify)  Given I was gone for 48 hours on a business trip, I wasn’t sure if I was going to get the square completed this week let alone any border!  Ava moved along pretty quickly.

And a closeup for Ms. Gardner…

This square included jessica stitches – a first in the piece. I like this one.

I also like the use of the overdye in this square.  I was initially concerned with the greens in the corners, but it all balances out with the overdye.

I just need to trust Tony (Minieri – the designer).  😉

This week’s piece is a late entrant to the stash.  I picked it up yesterday at Attic 🙂

Lizzie Kate 2013 Mystery

This is the new Holly & Hearts Mystery Sampler from Lizzie*Kate.

Fabric is Picture this Plus Doubloon. Fibers are DMC (I avoid Weeks Dye Works if at all possible – hate stitching with it).

I started this last night.  I’d finished Ava’s square and some border and rather than start something else, I went ahead and started.  I shouldn’t have.  All of this will be ripped out and restitched today… about 3/4″ to the left.  I debated last night whether to cut for 2″ or 3″ margins.  I settled on 2.5″.  Or thought I did.  I actually cut the piece for 2.5″ on the vertical and 2″ on the horizontal but started 2.5″ in….which leaves a bit too little on the right.

Luckily, this was only a couple hours work and thanks to a full slate of baseball and football today I’ll be able to restitch this bit and then some 🙂

If I finish this first part of the mystery before the end of the week, I’ll have an early Sunday.  Next week is quilting week!

September 8th, 2013 by Annette

Sunday Swap

With work and other family obligations, my stitching time has been a bit erratic the last few months.  My buddy Terri instituted a “Sunday Rotation” earlier this year and I’ve managed to incorporate it completely without intention.

Essentially, every Sunday I swap to another project.  I don’t sweat how much time I managed to work (or didn’t) on the previous week’s project, I just pick something new for Sunday and beyond.  Given the bulk of my stitching time is Friday thru Sunday (thanks to baseball/football) I usually manage a few hours on at least two projects over the weekend 🙂

Last Sunday I threw caution to the wind and gave in to my extreme love of Halloween and started a project that I had purchased the day before at Attic’s Market Day.  It’s Praiseworthy Stitches Widow Black’s B&B

Widow Black's B&B

The fabric is Colorscapes Mirage, 32-ct.  The model was done on Picture this Plus Murky, but the cuts that were in the shop were either 40-ct (too small given the number of JABCO buttons used) or the color was just….odd.  Seriously, it looked like the waste water after a particularly colorful watercolor painting.  I’m sure there are folks that would like it, just not me.

I chose to stitch the piece in DMC.  The chart lists 50+ overdyed cottons, but I wasn’t ready to put down another $125 (approximately) for floss after buying chart, buttons and a large cut of fabric (larger than a FQ).

Of course, I am now on the hunt for the rest of the haunted houses in the series 😉

This Sunday I’m picking up Stars for a New Millennium.  Here’s where I’m at:

Stars for a New Millennium

I’ll be working the next square: Ava Gardner.  If I complete the square and still have time this week I will work on sashing and borders, as usual.

I love how this piece is coming together.  Part of me wants to simply push on and finish the final three squares and borders and the other part will be very sad when it’s done 🙂

Of course, I always want to do more than one square when I get started but soon realize that my fingers just aren’t tough enough for that much canvaswork at once.  LOL  All those layered stitches make for some tough pushing/pulling of a needle!

See you at next week’s Swap!

April 24th, 2013 by Annette

More Stars

One would think that having a month long work “hiatus” would have resulted in loads of stitching and blogging, eh?

Evidently that is not the case.  LOL

I have managed another square on my Stars for the New Millennium.  May I present Cary Grant….

And the entire piece:

I have a few more days to go before starting my new job (May 1, woohoo!) and I’m hoping to put a few more x’s in on some other WIPs.  I have found a new framer after “auditioning” a few this month and now I’m itching to get more finishes on the wall!  The problem is that I went thru most of my finishes from last year in the audition process so now I’ve got to rebuild the pile 🙂

April 8th, 2013 by Annette

Stars for a New Millennium – Eva Marie Saint

This week I added a new square to my Stars by Tony Minieri

That’s Eva Marie Saint, bottom center.  Here’s a closeup:

The result is lovely but the process to get there is long!

February 10th, 2013 by Annette

Star Gazing

I would like you to meet Marlon Brando…

He’s awfully dashing… even though those small white triangles were a royal pain in the arse.

I added a bit more sashing and extended the side borders down in this round.

As much as I love working on this piece, my fingers are so sore from working with the larger needles and canvas!  Ten hours is about all I can manage before I need a break.

January 31st, 2013 by Annette

January & February Theme-a-licious Update

Can you believe January is gone?!?  I swear, the months and years just fly by so much faster as I get older.

Oh wait… that is actually the case!  At least, the perception of time 😉

But on to the update!

The plans were pretty simple.  Two new starts:

Bluebell by Mirabilia – this is 20 hours total:

(Fabric is white… someday I will get home before dark to get a good pic…)

Sampler Aux Bouquets (Part 2) by Jardin Prive (10 hours):

Antique White Newcastle (40-ct) with Crescent Colors

And now for the BONUS!

A bit more on Christmastide at Holly House by The Scarlett House:

I’ve still got a couple hours to go on this, so I will get pretty close to having all the grout done on this quadrant.

Figural February

Who are the people in your neighborhood…your WIP neighborhood, that is? Give your people-populated projects some face time this month.

Woot!  Another easy month:

  • Bluebell (duh)
  • Marlon Brando (Stars for the New Millennium)
  • Secret Ultimate Fan Girl Project (which has a number of figures on it) – details in a couple days.  Watch this space!!
  • Cackle – kitted while in Vegas this month

January 16th, 2013 by Annette

Star(s) Watching

The next 10 hour slot complete is on Stars for a New Millennium:

Vivien (on the right) joins Marilyn (left) and Clark (center).  You can see the beginnings of Marlon Brando, too.

I’m very glad I added this design to my rotation.  I can get a lot done in 10 hours and I love how it’s coming together!

December 16th, 2012 by Annette

A WIP or Two

I’ve finished another square on Stars for a New Millennium.  Please meet Clark Gable.

Here he is with Marilyn (on the left) and the beginnings of Vivien Leigh (right).  Also, a bit of border which I must admit, I dearly love!!

I have a little more progress on Christmastide at Holly House

I really need to focus on this if I want to finish yet this year….

Or maybe I’ll sneak this one in as a final 2012 finish

I’m on vacation through the rest of the year, so hopefully *something* will get done 🙂

October 25th, 2012 by Annette

Stars of the New Millennium – Marilyn

Several months ago, I fell for this counted canvas design by Tony Minieri.

It’s been done in a number of different color combinations and the book includes lots of suggested colorways and guidance on choosing your own based on a multi-color overdye.

I chose Gloriana’s Monet’s Pond.  A combination of lavender, blue and green and spent time at a couple local needlepoint shops picking up threads.

A number of fellow stitchers and I decided to start the design this month.  Here’s my first block, Marilyn Monroe:

(Colors are a bit sharp… I forgot to get the pic during daylight hours and had to rely on the Ott… sorry).

I love it.  Cannot wait to add borders and continue on!