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May 1st, 2013 by Annette

Rosemarkie Complete!

Another project off the WIPocalypse list!

Rosemarkie by Long Dog Designs

32-ct Cream Linen

Needle Necessities MacAulvey Manor

This is a phenomenally bad picture, I must say.   I started this design years ago as a SAL after it was gifted to me.  I’m so very happy to have it done!  I still love the colors chosen 🙂

April 7th, 2013 by Annette

Lanarte Tuscany… done!

My first official WIPocalypse finish for 2013!

Lanarte’s Tuscany (kit) – I started in 2006, not long before I left my last company.  Given I’m leaving my current company in about two weeks, it seemed a good time to get this one finished up 🙂

March 29th, 2013 by Annette

March WIPocalypse

Thanks to my March Madness, I have now touched all but one of the WIPs I put on my WIPocalypse list….

I guess that means Spring Queen needs attention in April.  Wouldn’t want her to feel left out, would we?

I didn’t finish any WIPocalypse pieces in the midst of March Madness stitching, but I did get one or two closer to that state.  Here’s a couple of examples:

Lanarte Tuscany – I started this piece in 2006 (it was lunch time stitching at my last job) and given I’m getting ready to move on to my *next* job, this seems a good one to get finished up.

This is the result of 9 hours over three days.  I’m guesstimating 15-20 hours to finish it up.

My Mill Hill Clarissa Cow is also close to finishing:

This was 10 hours added on to a small start.  Another 10-15 hours should see it done.

Hopefully both will be part of next month’s update as finishes!

March 1st, 2013 by Annette

February Catchup

Even though February is a short month, it sure seems to go by at lightning speed.

I did manage a bit of stitching – it’s still the go-to stress reliever, after all.  And I certainly have my share of stress lately.

Anyone… on to the update!


Only one WIPocalypse piece saw any action this month.

Another 10 hours on Rosemarkie.  Based on the difference from the last update, I’m guessing another 30 hours will see this complete.

Theme-a-licious: Figural February

  • Bluebell – up to 30 hours now

  • Secret Ultimate Fan Girl Project – Firefly design.  Bookmark finishing planned.  If you would like to stitch your own (or any of the other geeky patterns available), go see weelittlestitches on Etsy.
  • Cackle – kitted while in Vegas this month

(It’s not really that blurry…)

January 27th, 2013 by Annette

2013 WIPocalypse – January

2013 is speeding by and the first WIPocalypse checkin is here already.

Thankfully, I planned ahead and included two designs from my list in my first rotation round for the year.  And as I’ve moved on two round 2…..progress has been made 😉

Christmastide at Holly House by The Scarlett House

Rosemarkie by Long Dog

Both are still in play in Round 2, so more progress forthcoming.


January 6th, 2013 by Annette

January Plans

I realized today I didn’t share my plans for 2013 beyond the WIPocalypse and Theme-a-licious posts.

Granted, that does make up the bulk of my stitching plans, but I do have a few other things to work in.

As in 2012, I’m starting the year with 10-hr rotation.  I have six “slots” identified to work thru for the first round and will be working them in no set order.  I also work two slots in parallel thanks to having two timers 😉  I think that approach alone is what kept the rotation going as long as it did last year!

  • Rosemarkie by Long Dog Samplers
  • Bluebell by Mirabilia (new start – SAL)
  • Christmastide at Holly House by The Scarlett House
  • Sampler Aux Bouquets by Jardin Prive (new start – SAL)
  • Stars for the New Millennium (SAL)
  • DH’s Smalls

The last item is a result of DH asking for a few small pieces for his cube at work.  He has his penguin from last year, but he needed a few more items.  I pulled out a dozen options from my “smalls” bucket (and could have pulled many many more) and he narrowed it down to six which I will work thru in that last slot.  None should be 10 hours, so it will pretty much assure at least one finish per round!

I’m hoping to finish at least two rounds of the above this month.  Given the first two items are WIPocalypse pieces and the first four meet the Theme criteria (Garden or Flower designs) for this month, I’m starting off pretty well!

As of today, I’ve completed 10 hours on Rosemarkie:

…and the first 10 hours on Bluebell (she’s on white Belfast linen):

I’ve also gotten DH’s first small going.  It’s Edinburgh Castle from Textile Heritage:


December 30th, 2012 by Annette

WIPocalypse 2013 Plans

Another year, another dire prediction for the end of the world…

Let’s get stitching!

After last year’s rousing success, I’ve taken a look at the current WIP list and propose the following to either finish or progress in 2013:

  • Noah’s Ark – Teresa Wentzler
  • Rosemarkie – Long Dog Samplers
  • Brave Hearts – Little House Needleworks
  • Dark Shadows – Hinzeit
  • LUV Letters – Primrose Needleworks
  • Tuscany – Lanarte
  • Spring Queen – Mirabilia
  • A Pirate’s Life – Country Cottage Needleworks
  • Fairy Tale Bookmark – Textile Heritage
  • Egyptian Garden – Chatelaine
  • 12 Days of Christmas – Teresa Wentzler
  • Betsy – Sheepish Designs
  • Clarissa Cow – Mill Hill
  • Christmastide at Holly House – The Scarlett House

Yes, I am planning on a new start or two (or three or four), but I’m keeping this list to those projects in progress as of today.