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August 5th, 2007 by Annette


I’ve been futzing with computers for years.  I usually find a way to bend them to my will but I’m officially throwing up my hands on this one.  The old posts are locked in a MySQL database on my webspace, but no amount of coaxing will spit them out.  The comment table is hosed and it’s blocking the code that I could potentially use to export the rest of the posts themselves into an import-able file for this new database. 

I did fix the security on this one, though, so stray comment hackers won’t be able to break my new tables.

I know that quite a few folks are either more WordPress-savvy, or simply more web-code-savvy than I, so if you care to offer assistance to recover the last four years of posts, I would greatly appreciate it!  I will leave the offending database up and running in the hopes that I can slowly copy/paste the posts into an import-able format.

On to more pleasant news.  I’ve got three finishes for July and I can show two of them right now 🙂

First, Blackbird Designs Garden of Life:

It’s on Alabaster R&R linen done with a mix of Gentle Arts, Weeks and DMC threads.  I can say that if it wasn’t for the SAL group that I stumbled upon shortly after beginning, I wouldn’t be anywhere near complete!  Even though I fell behind, there was *plenty* of motivation to keep on going 🙂

Next it’s Raise the Roof’s Cream of Ort Soup (for Mom’s birthday):

All that red takes forever.  It also needs more than one skein of 321, so if you have this fun little freebie in your stash, be sure to have plenty of red to hand.  Mom loved it!

My third finish is for a Biscornu exchange and as soon as it reaches its destination, I will happily show it off. 

With these finishes I’ve made great headway on my “obligation” stitching.  I’ve no outstanding exchanges (though there’s a new one tempting me on the Rotation BB…must be strong), I’m on the last round of the UFO RR (and it’s a piece I enjoy working on, so no worries on making progress the next week) and I’ve *finally* got the last three pay-it-forward stitchings worked out (and the first one is begun).

I even got home before 7 three nights last week – a new record.  Could this mean work is easing a bit?  Maybe, but the fact that I’m poised for a pseudo-promotion may keep it going strong.  (Pseudo as in it’s a change of responsibilities, but no $$ or title change…story of my life).

That’s the status….until next time….


5 Responses to “Status”
  1. Off the top of my head, if the comments table is causing the problems (I’m not sure exactly what happened), could you drop the comments table, add another (empty) one back in, then see if you can import the posts? You’d lose the comments (backup before you drop the table), but it would be a relatively small price to pay.

    I haven’t played with any code for a while, and don’t know that I have the energy to take on your challenge at the moment, but that would be the first thing I’d try, anyway.

  2. Hi Annette, can you email me – and I might be able to help you on the wordpress thing.

    I just need to know the background and why you moved and what the problems are you’re having.

  3. They’re both lovely, congratulations

  4. Nice to read you again Annette!! your finishes are gorgeous!! I love the soup can!!

  5. I LOVE the Cream of Ort soup!! Hilarious!!

    If you email me the SQL you’re running, I can try to help!