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July 9th, 2012 by Annette

Two Weeks

This morning, I made a trip to the airport.

Granted, I seem to be there several times a year, but usually I’m the one getting on the plane!  Today, I dropped of my kids for a two week vacation to see their paternal grandparents in Georgia.

I treated them just like they treat me.  Pulled up to the curb, opened the door and said “Have a good trip!”

Lest you think me a questionable parent….this isn’t the first flight for either of them.  They were well armed with boarding passes and their IDs and carryon luggage for the flight.  Both carried multiple books, game systems and iPods.

And the fact that K is 22 and Z is almost 14 makes it a pretty simple exercise.

For the next two weeks it will be DH and I and our three dogs…. I foresee lots of stitching and reading.  And working our way thru multiple seasons of Midsomer Murders (again) which is a favorite.


3 Responses to “Two Weeks”
  1. Enjoy your little holiday!

  2. WooHoo for Empty Nesting practice! Rev up your needles!

  3. Enjoy every moment of it!!!