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July 18th, 2012 by Annette

Attack of the Shoulds

I realized this week, that I am being overwhelmed by “shoulds”

You know… “I should do this…” or “I shouldn’t do that…”

I’d much rather deal with “I want to…”

Such is the life of an adult, eh?  Usually, I can balance the “shoulds” and leave plenty of opportunities for the “wants” to keep me happy.  Sadly, my balance is off right now, especially in the crafty area.

“I should work on my Camp Loopy project.  It must be done by the 26th!”

“I should finish this penguin… it’s a traveling project!” (he’s about half done…*should* see him finished this weekend)

“I should not be starting the new L*K Mystery sampler.  It’s not on the WIPocalypse list!”

“I should not be looking at sock patterns.  I should knit one I already have!”

“I should just work on my WIPocalypse and Themealicious stuff and ignore everything else” (HA!)

Combine that with the rest of my life…

“I should clean out my work email inbox.  Just deleting everything doesn’t count.”

“I should attend every status and requirements call for my new team so I can learn everything immediately”

“I should get up earlier/go to bed earlier/blog more/exercise more/etc..

I’m sure you can appreciate my predicament.

(Still making Weight Watchers progress… lest you think that has fallen by the wayside.  I predict another milestone post before month end)

So before the stitching mojo completely flies out the window (and the window is open, lemme tell ya), I’m going to abandon all previously posted plans and goals and just have a crazy free-for-all and see how it goes.

….after I get the Camp Loopy and traveling project done, of course.  Hey, I can’t completely ignore the basics!!


4 Responses to “Attack of the Shoulds”
  1. I’m pretty sure all of those shoulds (should work on this, shouldn’t start that, should be timing, should be railroading, should be converting to delicas, should be stitching a TW) are why I put my stitching down for the majority of the last decade. Don’t let that happen! You “should” be stitching on whatever makes you happy to be stitching!

  2. I’m a big proponent of the “crazy free for all” – I think that’s what helped me get my stitching mojo back. Of course, it means that I have over a dozen WIPs right now (more than I usually feel comfortable with), but sometimes you just have to cave into the “I wants…”

    Good luck!

  3. Discipline is nice but sometimes we need the crazy free for all moments! Life, as I am learning, is way too short to not to enjoy our hobbies 100%. No more structure to my stitching at the moment.

  4. “Shoulds” need to be left for real world – I “should” pay my bills, etc. Embrace the crazy when it comes to crafting!