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January 21st, 2009 by Annette

Ups and Downs

It’s been a hectic week…  and considering it’s only Wednesday, I have little hope for a quiet finish.

First, GO CARDINALS!!  My Poppy-mojo held firm and the Cards won on Sunday!

(Fabric is white – evening pic)

The empty holes on the bottom are all one color.  I’ve got those to fill in, silver on her wings and beads and she’s done!  I’ve put her aside until the Super Bowl on February 1. 🙂

I took Autumn Queen to the framers.  Copper metallic bottom mat, chocolate brown suede top mat and a frame with some vine-y things and copper highlights.   It’s a new framer, so we’ll see how she does.

Work is… work.  More layoffs.  More projects cancelled.  A reshuffle in my group will give me the third boss since I’ve been there (2.5 years).  We’ll see how that works out.

Battlestar Galactica has started again!  But the fifth cylon… are they kidding?  So anti-climactic.

The best news this week?  I made it in to the Loopy Ewe Sock Club this year!!!


8 Responses to “Ups and Downs”
  1. Poppy is lovely. Can’t wait to see Autumn Queen framed.

    And sorry but just can’t get behind the Cards. I guess we’re gonna have to agree to disagree again. 😉

    How ’bout when I stitch up your WNRR, instead of PAIX, XLIII and I put you in Card red and me in Steeler black & gold? lol

  2. Ohhhhh what a lovely piece! I just adore red. I can’t wait to see your progress. Are you sure you can wait until the Super Bowl to work on her again? LOL

  3. The 5th Cylon, I knew all along because of an interview the actor who plays Chief did a while back, I never believed it and then there it was. I think it’s a red herring. I still think Lee Adama or the deceased Zak will turn out to be the 5th, then again I totally thought it was Dee, and still wonder if maybe she couldn’t live with that realization especially after earth was destroyed, the scene of her finding the jacks and ball, makes me wonder.

  4. Poppy is just beautiful !!

  5. I’m also hoping that fifth Cylon has not been correctly ID’ed! I mean, they threw some BIG suspicion on another character…or at least there is some serious time travel going on!

    Stop making me lust after that Poppy pattern! =)

    And…visit my blog, ’cause I gave you an award. =)

  6. I’m sorry. I have to side with MissyAnn. I’m happy for the Cards and all, but I was born a Steelers fan. Old habits and all that. AQ’s framing sounds incredible! How long do we have to wait?

  7. Ohh, what a wonderful design with all those lovely shades of red. I just love it.
    And I also love the picture in your header. It makes me dream of mountains and travelling.

  8. Wow, I love the color of her dress! sigh…yet another pattern to add to my every expanding stash. lol, I can’t wait to watch your progress on her.