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January 27th, 2009 by Annette

Valentine Finish and the WIP List

I finished DH’s Valentine piece for this year:

Valentine 9 Patch by Pine Mountain

While waiting to return to Poppy, I’m working on Joyful Summer by Country Cottage Needleworks.  As of last night (House):

Pale blue fabric – I hate taking pictures at night!  More time tonight (Idol, Fringe and Leverage).

This makes the current four WIPs:

1 – Summer Queen

2 – Poppy

3 – Sea to Shining Sea (I’ve finished the waves since this)

4 – Joyful Summer

5 – <open>

Following my rules, I’ve got to put an existing WIP in the fifth slot…. what will it be?? 🙂  I’ll pull a few tomorrow night and let ya’ll decide for me!


7 Responses to “Valentine Finish and the WIP List”
  1. Melissa Corum says

    That is such a sweet little finish. 🙂 Congratulations.

    Thanks, Melissa! I will say that the chart was clear and all the fibers were there 😉


  2. That’s a lovely finish, Annette, congratulations!

    Thank you, Giovanna!


  3. That’s so pretty, Annette. Congratulations!

    I love “Fringe”, too!

    Thanks, Susan! K and I are confirmed “Fringe”-fans. Zachary was turned off with the “melty faces” in the first episode…


  4. What a wonderful finish !!! I also love Joyful Summer. Congratulations !

    Thanks! He’s worth a few hours now and then 🙂


  5. I love Joyful Summer! That is just a beautiful design. Are you using the fibers it calls for? Are they expensive? I’ve never used that kind before, I don’t think. I’d love to do that for my niece for her first birthday.

    I am using the called for Crescent Colors and DMC. They are very easy to work with and remind me of Needle Necessities cottons. My LNS has them for around $2.25/skein, if I remember correctly. No more than a single skein of each color will be needed.


  6. Adorable on the Valentine Pillow! Stitching a summer themed project in winter is a great idea! If I could handle any more WIPs, I’d so copy you.

    I didn’t consciously choose a summer project in winter! More it’s size and time to completion… LOL


  7. I love the colours in Joyful Summer, it’s very bright and cheery. Can’t wait to see it finished.