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February 1st, 2009 by Annette

Tons of Pictures!!

I finally finished off my new 101 List today.  The 1001 days officially starts today 🙂 

Lots of pics today – all are clickable! 

First, the framed Autumn Queen (and a close up of the frame).  I think she came out great!  The new framer is a keeper.

Frame corner:

I participate in the Let’s Stitch blog run by Becky.  She recently had a giveaway for participants and I won!  A bag of goodies arrived this week:

I love the red toile fabric!  And with eyelets, I have no excuse not to try a floss tag (yes, I have a setter tool) 😉

Mom, Kylie and I went to the annual Quilt, Craft & Sewing Fair on Friday. 

I found buttons:

And some fun fat quarters of fabric:

And a few fat halves that spoke to me… (“take me home… take me home…”)

Isn’t the needlework print in the upper left great?

By this time we were thru the bulk of the booths and I was feeling pretty good that I had stayed within my budget.

Then I turned the corner and entered Cranberry Quiltworks’ booth.

Hanging in the booth was a quilted Pirate Map!!!  This is the kit (because, well, you know I couldn’t resist. I can hear Missy Ann’s gasp, too)

The very cool thing?  Gina (the owner) has one of the fancy computerized quilting machines in her shop (in California) and will quilt this with figures of pirates, ships and treasure chests!  The red bit is for a flag, but I’ve got about six weeks to stitch a little Jolly Roger instead.  Gina is coming back for a Quilt Expo (in Mesa… terribly convenient) in mid-March and she will have her machine with her for that show.  She’ll do my quilting while she’s here 😀

Kylie then spotted this kit:

Just. Too. Cute.

Speaking of skulls, Skeleton Crew is winning the “Next WIP” vote handily.  I’ll pick it up after Poppy and Joyful Summer are done (and then add in Lizzie Kate’s Boo Club and Toy Shop).  Thanks for the help in choosing!

Time for the Super Bowl!!   GO CARDINALS!!


11 Responses to “Tons of Pictures!!”
  1. Congrats on finishing the 101 list! Love the framing and adore the toile – can’t get into pirate stuff yet but you might slowly be converting me. 🙂

  2. Queenie is Beautiful. I love the matting you picked.

    OMG, the treasure map fabric. Do you have a maker or anything written on the edge? My secret quilt is a Pirate theme for Winston and this would be awesome beyond words for the backing.

    Kylie’s find… :thud: awesome, just awesome.

  3. Autumn Queen looks absolutely beautiful. And you scored some really gorgeous fabric there. Well done.

  4. Your Autumn Queen looks fabulous, and as for the fabrics – wow, what a great selection! Can’t wait to see what you make with them :o)

  5. Congratulations on Autumn Queen, she’s a stunner! Nice new stash too.

  6. Annette, you owe me a new keyboard! I’m sitting here drooling over your GORGEOUS stitched and framed piece (just stunning), all those buttons (oooohhhh how I love buttons!), your awesome giveaway from Becky and ALL THAT FABRIC!!! I’m a sewer/quilter, too, and I could fondle fabric all day. I think I’m the fat quarter queen!! Enjoy your new goodies!!

  7. Wow, congrats on all the lovely finds! I like that pirates’ map fabric. My sister was looking over my shoulder as I scrolled through the pics, and she was getting excited because she thought it was a cross stitch kit (anything pirates works with her, lol).

    Tip your framer, he did a fantastic job on Autumn Queen. Course, it wouldn’t take much; she’s lovely!

  8. Autumn Queen is BEAUTIFUL!! Congrats!

  9. O.M.G. You and Missy Ann are conspiring to make me want to add quilting to my list of hobbies I don’t have enough time to do. I completely love the pirate map fabric. But, of course, I like it all….

  10. the Autumn Queen frame is gorgeous indeed!

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