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February 6th, 2009 by Annette

I Really Was Prepared…

Dawned on me this morning that I was actually more organized than I gave myself credit for in the previous post.

I just….forgot.  Hey, if you cram as much stuff in your brain as I cram in mine on a daily basis, I guarantee you will lose a few bits too!

I use Google Reader for my blog reading.  I’ve made great use if the “Add Star” function to keep track of posts I want to refer to later (or blog about… see the tie-in?).

A few items that have caught my eye recently:

Tim-Tams in the US!  Yes, all of you that beg your Australian connections to send the infamous Tim Tam cookies (or haunt Cost Plus), you can look at your local grocer to get your fix.  I’ll be checking Safeway this weekend.

Metric/Imperial Measuring cups… from Lee Valley Tools!  Yes, now when you order your Watchmaker cases, you can add these *great* measuring cups 🙂

One World One Heart – 900+ bloggers are offering giveaways.  There are some amazing things being offered.  No, I’m not telling you what I’ve put my name in for – it reduces my odds! LOL

Circa Notebooks – Mom found this.  I still love my small datebooks for work.  If I write something down, I am ten times more likely to remember it.  These customizable books look amazing!  I’ve got this sampler on the way to try them out.

And finally, I’ve received a Blog Award from Jeanne 🙂

As part of this I need to list my five addictions (only five?):

GoodReads – Reading in general, but this site is great for keeping track of what I’m reading and what my friends are reading, too (a never-ending supply of new books to check out)

PuzzleQuest – Love this game and eagerly await the new PuzzleQuest: Galactrix.

Battlestar Galactica – Ok, it took me almost four years to get hooked, but I am well and truly addicted

Starbucks – Vanilla Bean Frappaccino with a pump of mocha.  I don’t do coffee, but could drink one of these every day (it’s like a light chocolate shake…).

My Current Stitching Project – doesn’t matter what it is, but when I’m stitching, I’m happy 🙂


One Response to “I Really Was Prepared…”
  1. There’s a Pepperidge Farm outlet here in Michigan City, and they see Tim Tams at reduced prices, so I can get my “fix” pretty cheaply!

    Have a great weekend!