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February 28th, 2009 by Annette


Picked up my framed finishes today…

Joyful Summer (clickable pic):

Very simple and sweet.

And I love how Poppy come out! (clickable)

You can’t really see that the frame has a thin red accent line along the inner and outer edges.  It is a perfect match to the red mat (which is a black core, thus matching the black frame).  The molding had come in to the shop the day before I took Poppy in to be framed and I’m glad I didn’t miss it.


19 Responses to “Framed”
  1. Thutmosis says

    They are beautful, Annette!!

  2. es un cuadro precioso
    me gusto mucho como le quedo
    enhorabuena por tan bonita obra de arte

    un beso

  3. They both look amazing!

  4. Poppy is AMAZING! You must have an awesome framer.

  5. Love them both – good job on stitching and framing!

  6. Love Poppy! I can’t see the red line in the picture but I can see where it is (if that makes any sense). I love her framing, very dramatic – just like Poppy.

    And Joy is sweet too, a breath of fresh air. 🙂

  7. They are both beautiful framing jobs. Poppy is stunning!

  8. Both look absolutely perfect!

  9. Both framed pieces look beautiful.

  10. Both framed pieces look wonderful, Annette!! I love Joyful Summer, what a great design. Poppy looks so dramatic with her framing!

  11. They’re both beautiful – congratulations!

  12. Poppy looks so classy and elegant! WOW! And, I do like that you kept the framing for Joyful summer with the spirt of the piece. Adorable!

  13. What lovely frame jobs. Poppy is so elegant!

  14. Craft-i-leigh says

    It looks really nice in that frame. Both, actually.

  15. Your finishes look fantastic Annette! Great framing choices. I must confess getting things framed is my downfall – I have never been able to get my pile down it seems. Congrats!

  16. Oh wow! Both turned out so great! Poppy is literally STUNNING and I just adore Joy. Great choice on your frames and your stitching is beautiful!

  17. They are both absolutely beautiful !! Congratulations !!

  18. Beautiful framing – I love your frame and mat choices.

  19. Holey Shamoley, Poppy is just stunning!! Joyful is pretty, too, but Poppy gets a WOW! =)