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March 7th, 2009 by Annette

What a week….

It has been a very tough week here at The Acre.  Work is incredibly busy and there is additional stress around organizational changes and settling in to new processes and new expectations – where we have them.

I learned this week that the man that hired me at my current company in 2006 was killed in a motorcycle accident on Feb 28.  I last saw him in December (he left the company at the end of 2008).   He touched a lot of lives in his time and there was a lot of discussion and reminiscing this week among folks that knew him far longer than I did.  Shocking… tragic… there simply aren’t enough words.

On the up side, I did receive two exchange parcels this week that kept the week from being a total loss 🙂

Biscornu Exchange from Ina in The Netherlands:

See the whole package: Here  I adore the sheep!!  Thank you so much, Ina.

Fair & Square Round 11 arrived from Karen:

I see a biscornu here…

Karen received thes squares I stitched for her:

I indulged in a bit of retail therapy with a friend yesterday and found a perfect gift for a newly-expecting friend.  I managed to start/finish during last night’s Let’s Stitch SAL.

I spent some quality time with Sea to Shining Sea this week and finished the West Coast house:

I’ll be picking up the latest Neighborhood RR piece tonight.

I also received my first Loopy Ewe Sock Club package:

Click to biggify – the colors are gorgeous.

Tomorrow we are off to the Arizona Renaissance Faire.  K is writing a school assignment based on the Faire so I must make the sacrifice and spend a couple hours wandering booths, watching shows and munching on cinnamon almonds….

I am hoping beyond hope that next week is better than the last…. please….  At least it’s only four work days as I’ll be taking Friday off (and Monday & Tuesday of the following week).


5 Responses to “What a week….”
  1. Craft-i-leigh says

    So sorry to hear about your coleague / friend.
    The sheep on the biscornu are just too cute!

  2. Sorry to hear about your colleague.
    Cute biscornu and squares.
    Love your finish of Poppy – the frame is just perfect for it.

  3. The biscornu with the sheep is so sweet. And the F&S exchange pieces are also very lovely.

  4. Sorry to hear about your former boss. Losing good people who touch so many lives is always so sad.

    The color of that yarn is SO OMG! Doesn’t tempt me as big needles hate me, but I can still drool over the yumminess of the color!

    Speaking of colors, I also love the colors on the fair and square exchange you received!

  5. Oh, HOLY COW!! That sock yarn about knocked my eyes right out of my head; it’s SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! Le sigh…I should have spent my Christmas money to join!

    Oh, yeah, and the stitching is gorgeous! =) Love how “shining” is coming out!