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March 10th, 2009 by Annette

Faire…and my Sweet Biscornu

Thank you all for the kind words on my last horrible week.

The weekend was *great* and really made up for all the lows.  Kylie and I went to the Arizona Renaissance Faire and I remembered to take a few key pictures of the shows we saw:

(Click to biggify)

First, one of our absolute favorites:  Don Juan and Miguel

Kylie got some personal attention from Don Juan:

Don Juan and Kylie

Also caught the Ded Bob Show:

We love Bob.  We looked into his eye sockets!  We been Bob-motized!! (ok, guess you had to be there…)

And we happened upon a new act:  Adam Crack and the Fire Whip Show

We met Adam with his first whip:

Then we saw a bit more of Adam with his second one (he’s going after an airborne water balloon here)

And well, we saw a bit *more* of Adam before he lit the whips on fire.

Now, I’m sure you would have loved to see the pair of whips on fire….well…whipping around Mr. Adam, but, I didn’t take that picture.  I was kinda distracted……

It was cool.  Well, as cool as two whips on fire could be, of course.

My biscornu exchange arrived at it’s European destination, so I can show it off:It started with the buttons. Then I found the perfect variegated floss (DMC 4030):

Next, the pattern choice. Truthfully, my first choice was my standby (Mary’s Pin Pillow by Indigo Rose), but I could not find my chart 🙁  So, I had to find an alternative….

Sweet Biscornu by Periphaeria Designs (in The Gift of Stitching….but I can’t remember which issue ::blush::)  Stitched on 32-ct white evenweave

The result:

This was VERY hard to give away!  I love how it came out 🙂  I did send it on its way with company, of course.


12 Responses to “Faire…and my Sweet Biscornu”
  1. Lovely biscornu and I have no idae why you were distracted from taking a pic of flaming whips 🙂

  2. Beautiful biscornu, and the rest of the exchange is great too, well done!

  3. Those Faire guys can be quite distracting with and without the whips :o) The biscornu is beautiful !!

  4. I understand *distracted*. 😉 The biscornu is amazing. I adore the colors!

  5. The biscornu turned out beautifully!

  6. Love the biscornu!!

    I been bobmotized, too! Even have the T-shirt! =)

  7. Mmmmm half neekid man!

    I love your biscornu, that’s a great idea starting with the button and working the rest of the piece to match it.

  8. Love the biscornu you stitched – what lovely colors and it matches the buttons to perfection! I’m sorry to hear about your bad week at work. Work is pretty stressful for many of these days with RIFs, downsizing, etc. Going day by day myself (and our CEO’s huge bonus was just announced which didn’t help anyone’s morale!)

  9. That is a lovely biscornu.

  10. Your biscornu turned out great! I have stitched that pattern three times in various colors, and haven’t kept one for myself yet 🙂

  11. Craft-i-leigh says

    Luv the colors… I’m really drawn to blues & greens. Buttons perfect with that variegated.
    Looks like you had a good time at the Ren. Fair. I’ve never been, but hope to some day.

  12. Ooo, pretty floss…..pretty biscornu…..PRETTY FAIRE BOYS!!!! *sigh* Seems like all my friends farther south are entering Faire season. I’m jealous, I have to wait until July/August/September up here.

    (And while I’ve never been Bob-motized, I’ve seen his show many many times!)