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March 26th, 2009 by Annette

Inquiring Minds

(Two posts in two days… don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll revert to my once-a-week-if-that pattern)

To address comment questions….

Whiz – nope, they’d be too small if I knit them as charted.   Thick ankles and I am too lazy to figure out the necessary pattern adjustments to make.  The gloves will get more use anyway 🙂

Susan(s) – Hanging Garden of Semiramis by Chatelaine and Lilac Spring Garden – Pixie Couture by Nora Corbet

For Hanging Gardens – I will probably go with a simple white linen in 35-ct (as I am pretty sure I already have a piece big enough).  Love the blues in this and I’ll definitely stitch the frame.  Floss list just came out and first part comes out April, so it will be a birthday start 🙂

For Lilac Pixie – Again, white linen, though in 32-ct so she’ll be of a similar size to Poppy. Lilacs are my very favorite flower, so this was a MUST as soon as I saw the design 🙂

The rest of this post is going to be “indulgent nonsense” – Simon Cowell, AI Judge

I am closely following the latest American Idol season.  I didn’t watch any of the first five seasons, watched the last 3-4 weeks of season 6 (had to support the Arizona gal, Jordin) and watched from Top 10 onward during season 7 (huge David Cook fan here..I think I downloaded all of his iTunes performances and received his album for Christmas.  Love love love it.)

This Season I started right at the beginning.  First auditions were in Phoenix, after all.  I suffered thru Tatiana (omg), became an instant Danny fan after the heart-wrenching story of the loss of his wife, rooted for the “working man” contestants Michael and Matt, and was overall impressed with the men’s voices far more than the women’s.

My family thinks I’m nuts.  They have no interest, though K will watch if she *has* to.

Last night we had the Top 10.  Here’s what I think of the performances, in no particular order:

Matt Giraud – Not sure what I think of Matt yet.  He’s got a nice voice.  Can definitely play the piano well though the whole “start at the piano then get up and walk around the stage” performance last night didn’t really win me over.  Pick a spot and stick with it.

Lil Rounds – Lil is my favorite of the gals, though I think she should have totally blown everyone away last night.  I mean, c’mon, she’s got a huge voice, great R&B styling and she about trips over herself with Heatwave??  What a waste of an opportunity.

Scott Macintyre – This season’s Arizonan.  I had such high hopes for Scott.  I do like when he’s at the piano for the performance.  The man is blind – I don’t want him dancing around the stage.  Unfortunately, everything he sings sounds the same to me.

Kris Allen – He’s cute, but as soon as he’s done with the song, I can’t recall what he sang. No stage presence at all.

Anoop Desai – Loved his audtion.  He’s had a few ups and downs since being saved during the wildcard round.  His voice is fine, but he seriously needs a new wardrobe consultant.  The layers need to go, son, you’re in Southern California!

Megan Joy – This season’s one trick pony.  Unless she sings something folky and slow to let her use that “cute” vibratto voice, she sounds like another wannabe on karaoke night.  Can we get a few new dance moves?  That hip shake is getting on my nerves.  And as for wardrobe….. one suggestion: heels.  The flats don’t flatter.

Michael Sarver – Another favorite from the auditions.  I am a sucker for the working man giving his dream of singing a chance.  He should have done great last week with the country genre, but didn’t make a good song choice.  He was lucky Alexis was worse 😉

Danny Gokey – As mentioned above, he won my heart during auditions, but I fully admit to being a fickle fan.  In his performance last night, I could practically see the choir loft behind him (he’s a church musical director).  He’s been out of place on the stage the last couple weeks.  Step up the game, hon, show me that sparkle that caught my eye way back in the beginning.

Allison Iraheta – Sixteen?  Seriously?  Well, ok, her voice doesn’t give away her age, but her look is still maturing.  I’m afraid the increasing pressure will do her in before her voice or performance does.

Adam Lambert – Adam was awesome last night!  He is far and away my favorite contestant at this point in the competition.  He does remind me of David Cook a bit – lots of artistry and putting his own take on each song he performs (yes, I even appreciated Ring of Fire last week, but then Johnny Cash is about as close to country as I’ll listen to).  The clean-cut look he presented last night was perfect for the Motown genre.

My vote this week:  Adam.  Four times lol

My biggest gripe so far is song choices.  If I hear one more “I chose the song because I liked it and want to have fun” I’m going to throw something.  This is a *competition* people!!  Pick something that showcases your talent!

I haven’t watched the result show (I’ll start it once I finish this entry) but if I were Michael or Megan, I’d be worried…….


4 Responses to “Inquiring Minds”
  1. I haven’t watched last night’s competition yet, but I’ll say this – you and I are pretty much on the same page…

    I liked Alexis though and will miss her, am rooting for Danny, Michael and Lil… And I think Lil is going to win if she doesn’t screw up in the next few rounds.

  2. I’ve never watched the show, but DH insisted I watch the train wreck that was the auditions. That was fun!

  3. Adam all the way!! I’m a David Cook fan, too.

    Oh, and Martina already posted the password for part 1 of HG. Not that I’m trying to convince you to start it or anything. 😉 But, I am curious. Won’t the crystals be a bit tight on 35ct? Delicas are probably fine since I doubt there are mega clusters in this design. But then, maybe you’ve used 35ct on a Chat. before and you know it works.

  4. I too watch American Idol. I really like Danny, not to sure yet about Adam. I hated what he did with Johnny Cash’s song. I don’t have a really big favorite like David Cook was for me last year!