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February 8th, 2013 by Annette

Checking in..

Apologies for the “radio silent” mode, but we’ve been hit by a couple stressful events* here at The Acre.

I did indulge in a bit of retail therapy last night, though.

  • Faery Queene Sampler – Scarlet Letter
  • Blue Jeans & Daisies (Part 1) – Blue Ribbon Designs
  • A Red Cottage – Plum Street Samplers
  • Let Love Bloom – Country Cottage Needleworks

I’ve been debating this latest mystery sampler, but well, what can I say?  Fabric is coming next week (35-ct blue jeans) and this time I’m going to do it in DMC.

I’m indulging in a hermit-style stitching weekend and have been working on the next square of my Stars for a New Millennium and may have started another small, fun piece…

I have definite plans for this one which I will share…if you would like to stitch your own, head over to weelittlestitches on etsy.  There’s even a sale going on right now (thru 2/8) 🙂

*while I’m sure some of you may be wanting to provide good thoughts, prayers, etc, I’m not quite comfortable putting the details of these latest challenges out for the world.  I will say it’s not life-threatening or health-related and I do expect everything to work out for the best.  It’s just going to be a few rough weeks until we get there.


One Response to “Checking in..”
  1. Love love love! Also love the baseball mitt, but can’t leave a comment on that one. (Sorry, super behind on blog commenting.) Stars is looking awesome, too!! I haven’t put in a single stitch for February. :-\