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March 1st, 2013 by Annette

February Catchup

Even though February is a short month, it sure seems to go by at lightning speed.

I did manage a bit of stitching – it’s still the go-to stress reliever, after all.  And I certainly have my share of stress lately.

Anyone… on to the update!


Only one WIPocalypse piece saw any action this month.

Another 10 hours on Rosemarkie.  Based on the difference from the last update, I’m guessing another 30 hours will see this complete.

Theme-a-licious: Figural February

  • Bluebell – up to 30 hours now

  • Secret Ultimate Fan Girl Project – Firefly design.  Bookmark finishing planned.  If you would like to stitch your own (or any of the other geeky patterns available), go see weelittlestitches on Etsy.
  • Cackle – kitted while in Vegas this month

(It’s not really that blurry…)


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