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April 1st, 2009 by Annette

American Idol – Top 9

Stitching content will return… eventually.  I’ve had a bit of work stress lately, and I’m reading more than anything right now.  Of course, this was after a serious attack of startitis on Friday which found me starting Lilac Spring – Nora’s latest pixie couture design.  I have a green blob (733) with two dark green strips (500/501) on white Belfast.

For Hanging Gardens – after a couple of missteps (insufficient cut of 35-ct at home *and* at LNS, bought too small a piece of 30-ct…argh) I have gone to a piece of 32-ct white Jobelan.  Done.  If only the LNS had had the silks for the border I would have started it instead of the Mirabilia.  Oh well.

Anyway….  here’s my take on this week’s performances:

Matt Giraud – Still not a huge Matt fan.  Last night’s performance was just bland.  I recognized the song, which means he sounded *way* too much like the original artist.

Lil Rounds –  Wow.  Lil aged 10+ years in a week!  Hated the dress.  Hated the hair.  Blah song.   Her daughters are adorable, though 🙂

Scott Macintyre – I so want to like Scott, but there’s just no “buzz” here.  He did pick a good song – Billy Joel compliments his voice very nicely, and I really liked that there was no band, but while all the parts were good, the “sum” of the parts was nothing special.

Kris Allen – Very good job this week.  He’s just so… young.  That’s not a bad thing, just doesn’t appeal to this 40-something voter.

Anoop Desai – Oh boy, I think Anoop may see the bottom three this week.  If you’re going to sing a song with lots of lyrics – enunciate!!  I *hate* when I hear “chew” instead of “you.”  Granted, he isn’t the only one with that issue, but it seemed far more apparent to me with his performance.

Megan Joy – Ugh.

Danny Gokey – My first thought when he stepped onstage? “Hallelujah, he got new glasses!!”  Good song choice and very well sung.  Would I buy it on iTunes?  Nope.

Allison Iraheta – Between the outfit and the guitar, I was very confused.  She made a big deal about playing her guitar, but only used it for a fraction of the performance, letting it hang down her side for the rest….adding to an already overwhelming outfit.  Ummm….wha??

Adam Lambert – Love the new look.  Groaned when I heard the song title, but Adam could sing the phone book and I’d love it.

My vote this week:  Adam.


3 Responses to “American Idol – Top 9”
  1. Ugh sums up my feelings on Megan too! She better go home tonight!

  2. Lilac! Ugh, blob or not pics please! I love her so much. I am unfortunately putting myself on a stash diet. But she might be an exception.

    Sorry about the fabric troubles.

  3. I wanna see the blob, too. Pretty please?

    Glad you’ve got the fabric squared away finally. I wish so much mine would magically arrive. I want to start Hanging Gardens so bad, and I am twisting your arm into starting with me!