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August 9th, 2007 by Annette

Another Finish?!?

Can you believe it?  After weeks of bits of stitching here and there I have yet another finish:

Little House Needlework’s “Love” from their Scripture series with Crescent Colors threads on platinum Murano.  There’s a black border charted, but given that I plan to make a “frame” pillow, I left it off.

I have been spending some time on a Good Reads website cataloging books and looking at how others rate the same books I’ve read 😉  Given that I have read hundreds, if not thousands, of books in my lifetime, it’ll take a while to make a dent in my personal library.  If you do decide to track your library, please do add me as a “friend” as I love to see what others are reading. 

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9 Responses to “Another Finish?!?”
  1. Very pretty Annette! I love the Little House Needlework designs, so simple but very sweet 🙂

  2. Margaret says

    I like that one! I know what you mean about cataloging all the books you’ve read. I can’t even remember them all, so I’ve been going off of other people’s lists to jog my memory and running from there at this point. I’ll get better as I read new books from here on out, though!

  3. That is so sweet, very nice finish 🙂

    I just finished the Phillip Pullman series His Dark Materials. I enjoyed the books!

  4. Cute finish! 😀

  5. Those LHN are so addictive… lovely finish Annette

  6. What a lovely finish.

  7. Nice job, Annette!

    Hey – I tried to add you as a friend on Goodreads, but I couldn’t find you. There were lots of Annettes, but none from AZ.

  8. Nice finish!

    Thanks for the link to Goodreads-I was looking for a way to find new books and organize what I have read.

  9. beautiful finish Annette !!!