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April 5th, 2009 by Annette

Lilac Pixie

By popular demand:

She’s on white Belfast.  I filled in the blue/green of the bodice and added her arm yesterday while watching Princess Bride.  I’ll continue up towards her head and arm today as baseball season has finally started!!


12 Responses to “Lilac Pixie”
  1. Pretty Pretty!

  2. OH wow she is gorgeous hun, I love the colours on this one

  3. She is looking fine. DH is happy too that ball season has started – Go Jays Go (lol)

  4. Good start! I really like the colors so far.

  5. Lovely!!!!!!!!!

  6. Annette, she’s so pretty and those colors are wonderful. Great job!

  7. Great start – love the colours!

  8. Very pretty, Annette!!

  9. You’re off to a great start, Annette!

  10. Great progress, Annette. I can’t wait to see more progress on this one!

  11. Very nice WIP, Annette, well done so far!

  12. Pretty colors! I’ll enjoy watching her bloom!