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April 5th, 2013 by Annette


Picked up two newly framed pieces this week.  Both were finished in 2012:

Country Cottage Needleworks Liberty Lane:

Lizzie Kate’s Halloween Mystery:

Very glad to have these hanging on the wall!


7 Responses to “Framed!”
  1. Looks fantastic Annette! It’s great to get pieces framed and on the wall!

  2. Annette - says

    Liberty Lane looks beautiful. I love both your new framed pieces. The frame for Halloween mystery is fantastic. Both samplers are wonderful. love Annette

  3. Two beautiful pieces! I really want to do the Lizzie Kate Mystery now!!!

  4. They both look wonderful Annette. Great frame choices!

  5. Great framing Annette! Both mouldings really compliment their pieces.

  6. Excellent framing choices!

  7. Both lovely! Liberty Lane is especially striking, IMO. The frame is absolutely perfect!!