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April 8th, 2013 by Annette

Stars for a New Millennium – Eva Marie Saint

This week I added a new square to my Stars by Tony Minieri

That’s Eva Marie Saint, bottom center. ┬áHere’s a closeup:

The result is lovely but the process to get there is long!


7 Responses to “Stars for a New Millennium – Eva Marie Saint”
  1. It looks wonderful Annette. I do know what you mean about it taking a long time to do one of those squares, but the result is so beautiful!

  2. Yours is coming along so beautifully!!

  3. Looking good, I’m enjoying watching this come to life

  4. Very pretty!!

  5. Annette that’s a stunning star with gorgeous fibres!

  6. This is crazy gorgeous. I love every color combination I see on this piece!

  7. Love your colors! I did this piece a year ago and I know it takes time, but you will be thrilled with the final piece.