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April 8th, 2009 by Annette

American Idol – Top 8

This week they crammed all the performances in an hour.  Well, they *tried* to at least.  This is the one issue I have with my DVR, it doesn’t record the program – it records based on start/end time.  So when AI went over by a few minutes, if I wasn’t actually watching (or had set the next program to record), I’d have lost the last performance!  As it was, Kylie’s quick thinking to start recording Fox news at about 10 after the hour, saved us from missing the last few minutes of Fringe. (the DVR picked up the recording back to the 9:00 hour as we hadn’t changed the channel on the receiver)

On to the performances in no particular order (ok, it’s the same order as the last post, I just deleted Megan):

Matt Giraud – While the judges were quite taken with his performance, I wasn’t.  It sound like “Matt does Stevie.”

Lil Rounds – She looked great, that’s for sure.  I thought she did well by the song, but also agreed with the judges that the performance was way too much like the original Tina.  I think she’s in danger this week.

Scott Macintyre – Why bring out the guitar?? It just didn’t add anything other than to give him a reason not to sit behind the piano.  Meh.  Another one in danger this week.

Kris Allen – Still too young for me to consider casting a vote for Kris.

Anoop Desai – Well, there’s no way to argue that he didn’t give a new sound to an old song here.  I rather liked him.  However, if he continues in his “one week up, the next down” pattern, he’s fast running out of people that will do worse on his down weeks.

Danny Gokey – Ok.  Does anyone else think he sounds the same no matter what he sings?  I had such high hopes for him 🙁

Allison Iraheta – She did beautifully, as always.  As a mother, though, I’m not sure I’m all together comfortable with the song choice.  She’s sixteen and singing about stuff that she shouldn’t know about!  (I know, naive on my part, but I certainly would question my 19-yr-old singing some of that).

Adam Lambert – Standing O from Simon.  Wow.  Who cares if he was born the year I graduated from high school? LOL

My vote this week: Adam.

I also think this may be the week the judges exercise their “Save” if anyone other than Scott is voted out.


3 Responses to “American Idol – Top 8”
  1. Pretty much what I thought! And I TOTALLY agree with you on Allison’s song choice. Yikes!!! Maybe if she’d sung the second verse instead of the first??

  2. SharLynn29 says

    I agree too. I loved Adam this week. After I got over Ring of Fire-Adam has definitely grown on me. I feel the same way about Kris and though I like Lil-I felt she totally copied Tina Turner this week. I liked Matt’s perfomance-though he just really reminds me of Justin Timberlake!

  3. Love Lilac Pixie – it’s coming along so well.