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April 29th, 2009 by Annette

Idol Top 5 and other craziness

First, here’s the AI Top 5 and their “Rat Pack” choices:

Kris – “The Way You Look Tonight” –  Nice job.  He’s get the good lucks and the pipes to stick around for another week.

Allison – “Someone To Watch Over Me” – Her look this week was classic and I liked it.  Her song choice – very good, though not sure there is a Rat Pack-era song that I’d have questioned.  Nice performance, but nothing spectacular.

Matt – “My Funny Valentine” – Meh.  Of course, I’ve never heard a version of that song that I like.

Danny – “Come Rain, Come Shine” – Great job!!  This is the Danny I’ve been waiting all these weeks to see 🙂

Adam – “Feeling Good” – Simply in a different class than all the others.  Loved it!!!

Danger: Matt & Allison

My Vote: No voting this week as I didn’t get home in time to watch and vote 🙁  But I would have sent votes for both Adam and Danny this week.

Challenge Update:

If I’d had a *normal* work week I’d have a stitching finish.   This weekend, maybe.

I’d also have a couple more books read.  As it is, I did manage to get Lover Avenged on Kindle this week so no more unplanned purchases.  I’m holding off to start it this weekend since I know I won’t stop once I start!

Other Craziness:

Work is nuts.  Huge new project is kicking off that will take over my life (potentially) for the next couple years.  Still balancing the 14 other projects I still have…..


One Response to “Idol Top 5 and other craziness”
  1. Oh my… good luck with the new project. I’ve got a current project that’s kicking my behind and if we pull it off with flying colors it will mean *lots* of work and $$ for the company…

    …but here I sit still a valuable yet expensive contractor.