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May 3rd, 2009 by Annette

Picture Round Up & Every Day in May

Time to show off a few pictures…

First, both of my recent exchanges were received, so I can show them off 🙂  They were both completed prior to the 25 Project Challenge start, so they won’t be counted as progress on that.

First, a Woodland Exchange – a needlebook based on a modified Blue Ribbon Designs Health & Happiness ornament.  It’s DMC with cream Glasgow linen.

Next, a  book mark from Stitch’nspirations using more cream Glasgow and Vikki Clayton’s Embers floss.

I also received my Woodland Exchange this week from Verona (I know better than to trust my memory.. my deepest apologies, V!)….

Love the squirrel!!

Last item *does* count toward my 25 Project Challenge.  I finished Petites Lettres Rouge from Blackbird Designs today (click to biggify this one):

It’s on 32-ct white jobelan using DMC 333, 340 & 3747.  As I did not finish in time to submit for the drawing, I didn’t add the bird motif.  I also only “corrected” two places in the chart.  The very upper left corner stitch and the 3-stitch motif in the top center on the top border.  It being off center would have drawn my eye every time!  All the other “personalizations” are still there 🙂   I’ve stitched all of our initials – I mulled over several name options, but none seemed right until I hit on this yesterday afternoon.

Challenge Stats:

  • Book Challenge:  3/25 Complete
  • Project Challenge: 1/25 Complete

K & I saw XMen Origins: Wolverine last night.  I found it quite entertaining.  K quibbled about a few plot points, but then she has *far* more knowledge of the XMen universe than I do.  I loved Wade (of course, I admit to being a Ryan Reynolds fan) and Gambit (great character) and thought the story skirted the line on interaction with the rest of the XMen movies.  Any more would have been pushing it greatly, in my opinion.  It will be interesting to see where the franchise goes next.

Erin picked this up and it got me thinking.  My May is going to be crazy at work, so how can I assure myself even five minutes each day to focus on something relaxing?  Erin is planning to read, but as I do that pretty much everyday anyway, I thought that would be far too easy.  Same for stitching – maybe not every day, but at least 75% of the time.  It’s also not exactly a five-minute activity, unless I set aside a specific project that is very easy to pick up and put down.

For Every Day this May, I’ll knit.  I’ve been out of the habit of picking up needles for a few stitches here and there and I have more than enough projects that I can truly pick up for five minutes each day and make measurable progress over a few days.  I’m good so far this month and have added three rounds to a sock in progress 🙂  Granted, if work gets too crazy, I may drop a simple dishcloth in my laptop bag and sneak in a few stitches at lunchtime to keep me on track 😉


10 Responses to “Picture Round Up & Every Day in May”
  1. Great idea on every day in May – I bring my socks in to work on at lunch daily… I can still talk to people after I finish eating, and I can relax, refocus, and then dive back into the fray. I’ll bet that it helps your work stress too. 🙂

  2. Lol, the only issue I had with Wolverine is: wouldn’t his teeth also be made of adamantium?

    Love your site and your recent finishes!

  3. Love the colors that you chose for the BBD sampler.

    That squirrel makes me smile. 🙂

  4. I love all of your finishes, Annette, especially the bookmark! That is just gorgeous!

  5. The Blackbird Designs piece is just lovely Annette 🙂 Funny how I feel most inspired to pick up a needle again at a time when I have the least spare time!

  6. Your finishes are lovely – I think almost everyone on my blog reader stitched the BBD designs, and all are totally unique – it’s been fascinating reading all the stories too.

  7. Hello
    The woodlandexchanges comes not from Ina but from Me Verona de Jong from the Netherlands


    My very deepest apologies, Verona!! I have updated the post appropriately.

  8. Melissa C. says

    Cute stuff, especially that bookmark! I thought about doing an Every Day In May, but with the new job and our trip, I knew it would be impossible…unless I chose “drink a cocktail” as my activity. LOL

  9. Your exchanges are gorgeous!

    Thanks for your recent comments on my blog… Gives me hope! 🙂

  10. Beautiful stitching. What fantastic projects. (Lovely job on the BBD sampler – I’ve really enjoyed blog hopping & seeing the completed pieces)