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August 18th, 2007 by Annette


We’ve all heard of “start-itis” right?  You want to (or do) start a bunch of new stuff because your current projects just don’t *do* it for you right now?  Heaven knows I’ve suffered more than a few bouts of that in the past.

Right now I’m suffering from the opposite: finishitis.  After finishing my Blackbird Designs piece and the Little House Needleworks piece, I had promised myself a new start.  I even cut fabric and had needle in hand……(Daisy Lane Cottage by Little House Needleworks, a birthday gift).

Not a stitch was made.

Instead, I pulled out “You Were Hatched” by Teresa Wentzler and have been working on that this week.  In fact, I’ve got two colors of backstitch to finish and it’ll be complete.  Look for a pic in a couple days of my version (no border).

When that’s done, will I start my Cottage?  Or maybe Lynne Nicoletti’s Fortune Teller that I’ve also been drooling over?  Maybe Chatelaine’s Tuscan Garden Mandala?  It’s all kitted and ready to go….

Probably not.  I’ve been looking at my Michael Powell Cottages WIP and even have Autumn Queen ready to go – she lacks the bottom of her skirt only.  That would be a very satisfying finish.

I figure I best take advantage of my finishing mood while I can 😉

Biscornu Exchange Results:

Here’s what I sent along with some Crescent Colors floss (sorry for the blurry picture!):

Here’s what I received:

I do love biscornus!  This is such sweet purple-y goodness…..


5 Responses to “Finish-itis?”
  1. If you can find a way to bottle finish-itis, I’ll take a case! Congratulations. I’d finish Autumn Queen, sounds like you are close.

  2. I am with Anna, send some finish-itis my way. They all look wonderful, congratulations.

  3. Please send the finish-itis my direction. I have 4 projects that would benefit!! Lovely stash!!


  4. Wow-a case of finish-itis?! Unheard of in my house! Could be that the projects I undertake are all BAP’s so I would love to have some finishes! Go with it!

  5. I have lots of things here that need to be finish. Come on UP !! LOL Everything looks wonderful ! Congratulations !