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May 17th, 2009 by Annette

Of Dye Lots and Died Lots

I spent Mother’s Day stitching.  I started and finished a small Shepherd’s Bush kit “Liberty” that recently found its way into my stash:

That makes 2 on the Project Challenge!

This week, thanks to the “Every Day in May” plan, I finished a sock:

This should fit Mom, but before I start the second one I’ll have her do a test fit.  Yeah, kinda blows the birthday surprise, but at least it will avoid a *bad* surprise on that day.  Yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Flower Garden

I picked up two additional skeins of white Simply Soft for the baby afghan in progress.

See the problem?  My original skein is “No Dye Lot Yarn” and the new skeins are “Purchase enough to complete your project….”  So, time for a new plan.  I’m going to set the first section aside and once my SIL either chooses nursery colors or we learn if it’s a boy or girl, I’ll contine with two more large sections of appropriate colors.

Here are the raw materials for the new plan (and will count as 3 challenge finishes since they are both direct from the stash!)

The left is destined for hat/booties and the right will be at least one bib (Mason-Dixon pattern).

However, before I cast on for those, I must kill a few more Zombies…. with Plants!!


7 Responses to “Of Dye Lots and Died Lots”
  1. I like that sock! I think the colors are great for your Mom, they remind me of her. 😀

    Chewy Spaghetti, I love the name. I’d buy it for the name alone.

  2. Why should baby blankets be either blue or pink? Make it a section green or chocolate brown and then you’ll have plenty of time to get it done ahead.

  3. I love the sock; great colours.

  4. Liberty turned out great. 🙂 Love the sock!!

  5. The SB project is really cute. I’ve always liked their pieces.

    Have you thought about switching to cream for the main part of the afghan, then back to white for the border? I have two cream/white afghans people made for my kidlets and we use them all the time – great because they can be bleached. The colored ones, while gorgeous, just don’t get used as much.

  6. Lovely little finish Annette! Dye lots are such a pain in the behind!

  7. Love the socks and the SB design. Congrats on your finish!