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July 12th, 2009 by Annette

Another Week Gone!

This year continues to just fly by, doesn’t it?

Friday was Mom’s birthday, so I can now show off the results of my sewing day whilst on vacation:

(Click to biggify)

These are lined project bags.  The “Shoe Bag” on the left is about 6″ x 7″ with purple zipper and orange lining (matches color of the purses in the print).  The larger bag is a heavier embroidered satin-y fabric.  Lining is tan and it’s about 9″ x 10″.  For her birthday the large bag holds two charts and the smaller the needed floss for them.

I also made one for me:


They were very easy to do.  I did use a bit of interfacing on the Shoe bag as both outer and lining where cotton fabrics.  I didn’t interface the other two as the heavy satin-y fabric didn’t seem to need any help.  I will say, both of those fabrics ravelled horribly….yikes.  Directions I used can be found here.  I’ve got enough of both the black and tan fabrics to make another bag of the same size and K has requested the black with red lining.  Each takes about 45 minutes start to finish, so one of these weekends I’ll churn out several more.  Just need to buy some zippers…..heaven knows I’ve got plenty of fabric!

Book Challenge:

I’m at 20 of 25 on the Book Challenge.  I finished four this week!

And did you see the price drop on the Kindle?  I love love love mine.  If you are a reader and buyer of books…you need this!!

I’m off to enjoy the Sunday.  I’ve got a baby cloth to finish!


4 Responses to “Another Week Gone!”
  1. Nice bags! The Rangeman t-shirt is cute, but I want Rangeman panties. lol I’m picking up 15 at the library Monday!

    And Happy b-day Mom!

  2. Gorgeous bags, Annette. I need to make myself some of them!

  3. Oh, those bags are beautiful! I really like that tan satin. I’ve yet to try sewing anything with a zipper….hmmm. Those instructions look like something I could handle… 🙂

  4. Love the bags! I need to do something like that someday when I have free time…. I’m sure your mom loves them!