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July 20th, 2009 by Annette

Sunday Stitching and Reading

I spent a few hours yesterday with a new project.  Click to biggify as always.

It’s the Pagoda pincushion from the last Gift of Stitching.   I’m using DMC 3834 and Needle Necessities 1781 (Alpine Meadows) on white 32-ct evenweave.

Here’s the top a bit closer:

I’m planning to use either gold beads or see what I have in the purple/green range.

My scarf is now 24″ long.  I’m not quite halfway thru the yarn (which is from Dinky Dyes, yes.  I picked it up in Louisville last year, I think) so I should make a good 50″ in length.  Perfect.

Zachary is off on vacation as of today.  I got up way too early (5:30am) to take him to the airport.  He’s off to spend two weeks with the in-laws in northern Georgia.  This was his first solo flight, but he did fine (at least per the call from MIL when she picked him up).  The kid had fully charged PSP and NintendoDS along with two books.  I could handle a significantly longer flight with those!

He started packing a week ago when I told him he was going.  What was the first thing he started packing?  Books.  He expressed concern that he didn’t have enough reading material for the trip (both flight and time there).  He only had a couple books in his room unread.

Yeah, he’s definitely my son.

Saturday we went to Barnes & Noble to stock him up (I did not want to risk library books) and to celebrate the imminent completion of my 25 Book Challenge 😀  (I’m 3/4 thru Book #25). 

The $100 Rebate card from my recent phone purchase financed it all.  Woot!

For him:

For me (though I’ll read all of the above as well):

And to round out the Rebate card… a Kindle item:

And two Pre-Orders:

With this splurge, I will officially kick off a new 25 Book Challenge 🙂

Here are the rules/exceptions for this round:

  • Rules: No book purchases (outside of exceptions below) until 25 books have been read from my current library.
  • Effective start date: Today
  • Exceptions: Any existing pre-orders (five at Amazon thru December).
  • Sherrilyn Kenyon’s new League series and Bad Moon Rising and JR Ward’s Covet (I want Kindle versions which are not available for pre-order)
  • No new pre-orders can be submitted.
  • Library borrowing is acceptable.  So is “Mom” borrowing.
  • “Free” Kindle books may be acquired and count toward the 25.
  • “Sample Chapters” may be downloaded, but do not count toward the 25.


5 Responses to “Sunday Stitching and Reading”
  1. Congrats on finishing the challenge! I splerged about halfway through my second round so no more books for me until I finish 3.

    I can hardly wait for Covet.

    Pagoda is really nice, I’m looking forward to a finish. (and wait till you see my exchange i’m finishing as a box – it’s going to be awesome! thx for the tut)

  2. Haha, you’re kicking my butt on the scarf! It didn’t help that I ripped out what I’d done when I made a mistake but the second time is definitely going better. With practice I hope I’ll get faster…

    Your new start looks great! Love the colours. Congrats on finishing your challenge!

  3. Pretty new start. Congrats on the challenge – definitely splurge worthy! I, too, am looking forward to Covet.

  4. The scarf is lovely Annette – what beautiful yarn. Good for you meeting your challenge – it would take me forever to read 25 books – I used to be a real bookworm but I spend too much time stitching and quilting now to fit much in.

  5. says

    Pretty new start. I look forward to the finished piece.