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July 31st, 2009 by Annette


I finished my scarf last weekend:

Ended up about 54″ long.  I’m pretty sure the recipient will love it.  🙂

I also started the second Fresh Flowers sock:

I’m in the middle of turning the heel here. 

I’m using one long circular needle (Knitpicks Harmony – #2) and I like it!  I love not having an extra needle to worry about (a la DPNs) or having too many ends hanging out (two circulars).

I haven’t touched a smaller needle since the last post… 🙁  Maybe when I finish the sock!


7 Responses to “Knitting”
  1. The scarf is so pretty, I’m sure it’s person will love it.

  2. Scarf is just beautiful! Love the colors. Sock coming along nicely.

  3. Oooo, your scarf is really pretty! Mine’s at about the halfway point. The socks are colourful!

  4. That is one outstandingly beautiful scarf!

    Love the sock too…

  5. Annette, the scarf is beautiful.

    Do you like the Harmony needles? I’ve been debating ordering a set but I’m not a serious knitter, it’s just something I do sometimes, but those needles are so pretty.

  6. says

    Annette that is a beautiful scarf. The colors are wonderful. I am sure who ever receives it will love it. I like the colors in the sock too.

  7. Great scarf Annette!