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August 22nd, 2009 by Annette

Moving On….

I’m done tweaking for now. 

I am having Category issues, so if anyone can give me a hint as to how to hide the “Uncategorized” label below, I’d appreciate it mightily.   Next question will be how to display the tags, instead, but  one step at a time.


4 Responses to “Moving On….”
  1. I’d have to see your template code to try and get the uncategorized thing to not show. Don’t think I’m any better at code tweaking than you, but a fresh pair of eyes might be able to spot it. Paste it to a text file and email it if you want me to take a look. It’s looking nice, though. Not seeing anything under the “read shelf” or “recommended shelf,” but I don’t know if I should see something besides the “goodreads” link logo.

  2. That is a very nice baby blanket. I luv the colours and the pattern of it!! My mom knits as well, I’ve tried but I like cross-stitch better

  3. Is it that you want to hide the categories all together, or you just don’t want to use the uncategorized one?

    The answer to both would be that I would need you to send me the appropriate template files (and if you tell me where exactly it is displaying what you don’t want it to, I could tell you which they are), and I would edit it out and send it back.

    I would also be able to add in the tags for you if you told me where you wanted those to go.

  4. From the template folder I would need index.php and if you wanted it out of the single post pages I would need that file also, which is normally called post.php or single.php.