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August 22nd, 2009 by Annette

I recently stumbled across this website: JetPens.  It was a blog… but I didn’t save which one of the 100+ I follow… 🙁

This is the result (click to biggify as always):


Yes, I have a pen habit.

Next is the progress on the baby blanket…it’s at the halfway point.

I’m making slow progress on Autumns Mirabilia RR.  This is stitched on opalescent linen and needs natural light.  As I don’t usually sit down to stitch until 8pm or later, I have to reserve my weekend hours for this:

You can see the whole piece here: Autumn’s RR


6 Responses to “”
  1. That’s going to be a gorgeous RR. Speaking of stitching in daylight – I thought you had an ott light?

  2. If only those highlighters were clickies. I cannot live without my click to open highlighters; but erasable is making me re-consider.

    Which pattern did you choose for Autumn? I’m not bad mouthing Autumn’s fabric choice, I found it difficult to work on too.

  3. Love the pens!

    The blankie is looking great. My mom crocheted a couple of blankets for Ayame and Reeve. I’m glad she made a really big one for Ayame. She loves using it.

  4. I have a pen thing too…. but haven’t indulged lately.

    I love that blanket… it is pic like this that make me want to knit!

  5. *gasp* PEN ENABLING! OMG… I…. I…. I’m so weak. I’m totally cruising that site now.

  6. I’m a total pen whore! Off to check out the site. *clicky clicky*