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September 16th, 2007 by Annette


or…”Stuff I’m Working On”

First, my Autumn Queen.  She’s on 32-ct white jobelan (camera decided to give it a green cast…).  Progress is being made….

Next, the headless mermaid.  Emerald Mermaid, to be more precise.  She’s on Belfast DaVinci from Picture This Plus:

Next, this piece just kind of jumped into my hands as a bit of break.  Santa’s Midnight Ride from Dutch Treat.  I’m officially half complete (not taking into account the border finishing).

Last, the Blackbird Designs SAL started this weekend and I managed a few stitches.  I’ve never worked on 40-ct fabric before…..I like the effect but not the squinting.

One of these will be my next finish…..which one? 🙂  I do hope to finish them all by year end… would be a major come back after not stitching much for the first six months.


15 Responses to “SIWO”
  1. Fantastic progress on everything. I especially love your mermaid. I think she is my favorite of all the Mira mermaids.

  2. I love your fabric choice for Emerald Mermaid. It’s great to see her on something other than blue. Santa’s Midnight Ride is very jolly.

  3. You’re working on some great pieces there. I love your mermaid. So pretty on that fabric. I’d like to see the Christmas one finished though – that looks so cute.

  4. I’m stitching a project over 2 on 40-ct as well. My stitches look kind of puffy, are yours the same?

  5. You amaze me at your ability to have so many beautiful things going at once. Everything looks wonderful !!

  6. Holy cow, you’ve done a bunch on the Emerald Mermaid since the last progress pic! And your AQ is fabulous…really makes me want to pull mine out. She’s launguising… =)

  7. You’re making great progress and you’ve got a nice mix of projects. I’m looking forward to seeing your Autumn Queen come along. They all look great!

  8. They’re looking great! Looks like you’re getting pretty close on Autumn Queen too!

  9. I’ve been reading your blog for quite awhile. Your work is lovely! I’m amazed at all your computer knowledge. I’m an I.T. project mgr in the Phx area but my technical skills are getting pretty old! I need to take some classes in the newer technologies. Just getting my blog to do what I want it to can be frustrating enough for me! Maybe we’ll run into each other at The Attic one of these days. 🙂

  10. Autumn Queen is so gorgeous. I think this will be the first one completed. I love those greens on the mermaid. Santa’s midnight ride is so adorable. The blackbird design is coming along nicely. I can’t wait to see more progress pics. I have never worked on 40 count. I squint using 30 count. I can’t imagine how my eyes will see 40…:) You have really great looking stitching.

  11. All of your projects look fantastic! That table tgopper must be so much fun!

  12. They all look wonderful.

  13. Many great projects at the same time! They are all beautiful!

  14. Wow! Your stitching is so beautiful. You really have chosen some challenging designs. I especially love the Autumn Queen.

  15. Wow-all your projects are stunning!