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August 28th, 2009 by Annette


I am making an announcement.

I am absolutely hopeless for any challenge that requires I stop spending money.

Therefore, I’m converting them to”spend less” money challenges 😀

That I seem to be fairly successful in doing!

Relatively speaking, of course.

Today, for example, I kinda bought these….. (totally Melissa’s fault)

My Lady’s Quaker:

Gentlemen Quaker:

Normal Quaker:

All from Jardin Prive

This also spookily arrived today

(Just Nan’s Spooky Witch Hat)

Other than a couple of pre-ordered items (JCS Christmas Issue and Blackbird Design’s new Halloween Stockings), I’m done until October.  You hear that??  Done!!

Why October?

Because I’m headed to Houston for the Quilt Festival on October 15th – 18th.

Ummm…no, I don’t *technically* quilt.

However, I do love fabric for finishing.  And beads.  And interesting threads and notions.  And I admit to having a kit for a Halloween-themed table runner. 😮

Take a look at the vendor list: Exhibitor List

There are a few familiar names there…..

And I can’t miss a chance to hang out with the fabulous Missy Ann!!!

Anyone else planning to attend the Festival?


7 Responses to “Hopeless”
  1. OMG, that Just Nan hat is beyond completely adorable. And I would give anything to go to the Quilt Festival, but if I go to Texas for that before I manage to go to Texas to see my best friend’s baby (who will be 2 years old in September and I’ve never seen her!), I will officially be the worst BFF ever. And I know my other BFF wouldn’t want that. 🙂

  2. If people don’t quit sticking that Quaker Gentleman under nose I will not be held responsible for what happens.

    You know what, stop it! Because I can say the same for the rest of your list. lol

    I’m already setting aside the spending $$ for Festival. And I hadn’t checked the exhibitor list yet… *swoon* Bohin is going to be there! I’m dropping some serious money there this year.

  3. Thank you for joining me on the completely hopeless wagon. LOL Not only did I fall off my no-stash buying challenge, my newly implemented rotation may well suffer, too. I started on My Lady’s Quaker a couple of night ago and I don’t want to put her down. Oops! As for other stash purchasing, I have to confess that my copy of the new BBD Halloween stockings arrived yesterday. *whistles innocently*

  4. That Lady Quaker is adorable! I can totally see myself doing that.

    I may be joining you in Houston – just have to convince the hubby that I can drive down there 2 weekends in a row… I don’t quilt, either, but next to LNS’s, quilt shops are my favorite kind of stores!

  5. What lovely new stash!!! Love the Just Nan Halloween one – that is priceless. Now to find an excuse to do Halloween. I actually had someone suggest that I decorate the van as we are always on our way to AZ at Halloween.
    Enjoy the quilt show in Houston. Lucky girl – getting to meet Missy Ann.

  6. And because of you, I went and bought those patterns!!!! Thanks for sharing. LOL

  7. Wow… Great Work 🙂
    Good blogging!!!