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September 5th, 2009 by Annette

They Followed Me Home

First.. my completed afghan (well, a portion of it):

Click to biggify, as usual.

Pattern was free from Michael’s and very easy to memorize.  I’ll do this one again, though maybe with an ombre rather than changing colors (I hate weaving ends and there were 50+ to do).

We’re having a rainy day here in Arizona.  Big storm on Thursday evening and I’ve heard thunder rumblings all day.  Wanna see?

This is the view from my front door.  Time to trim the bush on the right there… it will take over if we let it.

I snuck in to the LNS yesterday (at 4:58p.  They close at 5p).  Planning to pick up these…

Fabric is three Stitcher’s Eighths in three Lakeside Linen colors chosen by the LNS owner in 36-ct.  That will do a *minimum* of 12 stockings since I like…oh… 10 of the 13 in the book.  If you are ordering the suggested fabric sight unseen, beware of one thing.  The package that my LNS owner received had some very stinky fabric.  So stinky they are sending it back.

Just thought you might like to know.

So…in the interest of disclosure…..I might have brought home a couple other items.

It’s a disease.  I tell ya.

By the way…. given the impending 6th anniversary of this blog, I’m planning a giveaway or two.  Well, three actually.  As I have a [cough] sizeable stash, two will be pulled from there and the third will have a twist.

Any guesses as to the theme of the three giveaways?  Is anyone interested?


6 Responses to “They Followed Me Home”
  1. But it’s not a bad disease. It doesn’t ruin your skin. It doesn’t cause organ failure or degradation (like smoking would do to lungs, or alcohol to livers). It doesn’t put you in the hospital… well, unless you manage to drive a needle deep into your foot or something…

  2. Well, take comfort in the fact that there are a lot of us out there who share your affliction. 😉

  3. The afghan is beautiful. Congrats on the finish.

    Your recent stash & mine bear a striking resemblence. I skipped the Lakeside fabric (not for lack of trying on the LNS’s part lol ). I’m going to try to make do with scraps from my stash. I figure I can just enlarge the stocking template if I need to.

  4. I absolutely love your yard—I attempt to grow cacti and succulents here in Tallahassee, FL, but we get a little too wet sometimes..some do well and some don’t. And, by the way, we all have that disease!!!

  5. I love the afghan and your stash haul… as a beginning knitter I always admire your pretty finishes.

    Great stash haul!

  6. Adore the afghan! Your “big needle” prowess always sparks admiration.

    Things seem to follow me home from the LNS, too. If it’s a disease, I’m not interested in a cure. You made a good haul! I want the Fairies, too.