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September 6th, 2009 by Annette

Saturday Stuff

I am spending the majority of this weekend with my couch and a needle 🙂

Here are Saturday accomplishments:

Finished another bib for my expected niece:

Mason-Dixon pattern, cotton yarn, #6 needles

Finished all the x’s on Autumn’s RR.  Today will be beads (a bunch) and backstitching (a little):

Yesterday’s movies:

Today’s plan:

  • Finish Autumn RR
  • Pack up RR and box of handmade goodness for my SIL
  • Watch Braves (can we win today?  Please?)
  • Pick up some other WIP.  My pagoda pincushion?  Summer Queen?  Something Halloween-y?  We’ll see what jumps in my hand!


4 Responses to “Saturday Stuff”
  1. BBP is so creepy without her face back stitching. lol I think I bs’d that part as soon as I could.

    I vote something Halloweenie!

    Last night was the original Dawn of The Dead (ds is 12 – time to get started). Tonight is Watchmen for the grownups.

  2. Just in case you needed something Halloweenie LOL Aury has new patterns up in her Brand New Etzy shop. I just had to get A Wicked Accident. Just had to !!!

  3. Wow! You are speedy, girl! Looks good.

  4. Looks great Annette – fall is in the air – go for something Haloweenie. 🙂