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September 21st, 2009 by Annette

Dancing with the Stars!!

I’ve watched every season.  I’ve voted *almost* every week 🙂

I LOVE this show!!!

Tonight we started with the men….

Aaron & Karina – It’s so nice to see Karina with a partner that has some potential!  The Cha-cha was good for the first dance, a little messy but he’s one to watch.  Nice in the Viennese Waltz.

Chuck & Anna – He smiled which definitely made him a little less scary on the Foxtrot.  Nice recovery in the Salsa!

Mark & Lacey – My favorite couple before the first dance was begun, I admit.  The Cha-cha was good, but I think the dancing got a little overshadowed by the Kung Fu-iness.  A little jumpy in the Waltz… needs to smooth things out.

Ashley & Edyta – I agree with the judges – kinda blah Foxtrot.  Salsa was just as stiff.

Donny & Kym – Best Foxtrot so far!  I think Donny will be around for awhile because he certainly can connect with the audience.  He definitely outshone others in the Salsa!

Louie & Chelsie – Another challenge for Chelsie.  She was quite successful with Ty last season, so who knows?  Nice comeback in the Salsa so maybe he’s got a shot.

Michael & Anna – Yikes (Cha-cha).  Much better on the Waltz!

Tom & Cheryl – We are big Cheryl fans here (she’s DH’s favorite pro 😉 ) and I was a little concerned about her chances this season.  Tom looked like he enjoyed himself which is pretty good!  Very elegant in the Waltz.

My kids are amazed every time that I can tell them the scores before the judges raise their paddles.  Yes, I’ve watched all the seasons and have a good sense of what the judges like and dislike (they do surprise me occasionally) but I also took several credits of ballroom dance in college so I know what many of the dances are supposed to look like. 😉

Next up tonight – Castle

We’ve got Heroes and House on the DVR…


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  1. What you said! LOL It will be interesting to see how things develop with each one, though.