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September 23rd, 2009 by Annette

Dancing with the Stars… Part II

Due to a whole lotta things, I am a day late on my ladies DWTS comments…. (Note – comments written before I listened to any judges comments)

Debi & Maks – Debi definitely has potential.  She looked a little messy, but was obviously having fun in her salsa.  Loved their Foxtrot!

Mark & Melissa – Nice lines and definite connection to the audience for the Viennese waltz. She had fun, and has great potential….

Mya & Dmitry – Oh my… great energy, nice lines!  I would like to see a bit more content in the Viennese waltz. (But not nearly as crabby about it as Len 😉 ) She killed everyone in the cha-cha…wow.

Kathy & Tony – Interesting.. kinda flat salsa and not nearly enough energy.  Still tentative in the Foxtrot 🙁  Loosen up, Kathy!

Natalie & Alec – Much better than I expected, actually 🙂  Lovely form.. just needed a bit more energy in her salsa. Good job, but something funky with her arms.

Macy & Jonathan – Hmmmm.  Well, I will say that Jonathan played to Macy’s personality in his choreography.  Interesting Cha-cha.  Oh my.

Joanna & Derek – I liked it, but she was a bit choppy in her salsa.  Smooth Foxtrot…

Kelly & Louis – What a lovely girl… who’d have thought?  I think that was my favorite Viennese of the night.  Great cha-cha!!

That’s it!  I’m off to watch the results 🙂


2 Responses to “Dancing with the Stars… Part II”
  1. Kelly has my vote so far; and for the men Chuck Liddell – he tried the hardest!

  2. Hey Annette! I don’t know if you remember me from the cross-stitching boards, but I’m trying to reconnect with a few of the stitchers I remember, and thought of you – hope you’re well!