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October 6th, 2007 by Annette

Full Disclosure

First, the important stuff……I have a Happy Dance!

Santa’s Midnight Ride by Dutch Treat Designs.

I have a square glass-topped coffee table  that this will look quite nice on for the holidays 🙂

Next, my Neptune/Poseidon piece is home from it’s UFO RR tour:

Thank you ladies (Allie, Haze, Debbie & Margaret) for the great progress!  I’m tempted to work on him to finish him….but I will resist temptation in lieu of:


Noah’s Ark by Teresa Wentzler for The Wagon’s October TW SAL.  Hopefully by month end I’ll be as far along as I thought I was before I pulled the WIP out today….hmmm

Finally, thank you all for the great words of encouragement for my current gift-knitting project.  However, as said recipient is now planning her own project for the little one, I have no choice but to come clean (just in case it would have any impact to her plans).

Here’s where I’m at:

I’m doing it log cabin style, doubled worsted yarn on 10.5 needles.  It won’t come out perfectly square, but more of an oblong.  My plan is to be not quite crib size, more suitable for a stroller or car seat throw.  The yarn is acrylic for easy care and so so soft, perfect for a new little one due in December 🙂  The strip on the right is navy, not black and I’m just trying to keep colors from touching, no other plan involved 😉


7 Responses to “Full Disclosure”
  1. Santa’s Midnight Ride looks amazing! Please take a photo of it on the table when you do use it?

    As for Neptune/Poseiden, what design is that? The sheer amount of detail just in that photo is amazing.

    And hello ^_^ new reader from NZ here.

  2. I love the neptune/poseiden, it’s such a fantastic design. The TW ark is coming along well.

    What a great way to get your UFOs finished, some of mine could do with a tour!!

  3. Wow…your stitching is looking great! Then again, you always stitch so beautifully. Love the TW.

    {{HUGS}} and I hope the work load eases up for you! If you need a shoulder, just say the word m’dear.

  4. Junette says

    Congratulations on your finish, Annette.

    Hope you can make some great progress on the TW.

  5. Santa’s Midnight Ride turned out great!

  6. Your wips are looking great. Your finish Santa’s Midnight Ride looks fantastic. Love your stash.

  7. You finished Santa’s Midnight Ride! Yay! I remember harrassing you about this a little several years ago, lol. Congratulations, it looks great. I still love this piece.

    And yes, I’m way late commenting here, I just haven’t done so well at keeping up with stitching blogs lately. I’m glad to finally “catch up” with you!