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September 28th, 2009 by Annette

DWTS – Week 2

Another week… another summary (as always, comments written before listening to the judges):

Joanna & Derek – Great jive energy, but kinda messy.

Natalie & Alex – Rocky start to the quickstep and other than losing her smile at points in the dance (and tensing up), I liked it.

Chuck & Anna – Oh my.  Great tango!  And totally loved Anna’s dress… the overall look was fabulous 🙂

Melissa & Mark – Hmmm… hmmmm…..  not sure on this jive.  Not much content and she is still so tense.  Gotta relax a bit!

Michael & Anna – Nice job on their quickstep 🙂

Debi & Maks – Not bad for a tango (one of my favorite dances).  Very intense.  Nice look.

Louie & Chelsie – He’s so cute.. LOL.  Nice jive 🙂

Aaron & Karina – Awesome quickstep! High energy, excellent content.  Loved the Muppets added to the mix 🙂

Kelly & Louis – I think Louis is the best choreographer on the show.  Gorgeous tango – so classic. Kelly didn’t quite do it justice, but hopefully enough to keep her for another week.

Kathy & Tony – A very cautious quickstep.  I wish she had a bit more energy…

Mark & Lacey – Once they got into the actual quickstep steps… it was quite good.  The beginning was kinda odd.

Mya & Dmitry – Wow.  Best jive of the night!!  I’m sorry Len wasn’t there to see it…though I know he’d have groused about the beginning 😉

Tom & Cheryl – Well.  Not the best tango of the night, but not bad.

Donny & Kym – Great job!!!  What a great jive!  Tons of energy, great content and I would never have guessed he’s an elder of the group.

My votes: Mark, Donny & Kelly

In danger: Tom, Chuck and Kathy