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September 30th, 2009 by Annette

By the Numbers…


…baby hat in progress for a coworker’s wife due in a couple weeks:


…weeks until I fly to Houston!!  w00t!!


…more days of progress on my Summer Queen:

I’ve reached the top of the next “page” – and am past the halfway marker.  Hey, any small milestone is good!


…books that are demanding to be read:

(started – I had forgotten how much I love Jamie Fraser.  Only took me 60 pages to remember.  Rereading the entire series is now on the to-do list.)

(on my Kindle)

(bought a paperback copy as I couldn’t wait for the Kindle version. )


…times 3.3 inches (16.5 inches total) of Shoal scarf:

I wanted to do a nice artistic shot outside with some greenery in the background.  The challenge living in Arizona – finding greenery without sharp pointy thorns/needles.  I don’t have any of that kind of greenery around my house, so boring kitchen counter pics is what you get.


8 Responses to “By the Numbers…”
  1. Enjoy your trip to Houston!
    I can’t see why you wouldn’t want to hang your knitting on some wonderful cactus in the neighborhood lol.
    Looking forward to cactus and warmth

  2. Fantastic scarf colours, Annette!

  3. I’m presently trying to reread Kenyon’s entire series….and Christine Feehan’s Dark Series too…I’ve been doing a lot of reading of late 🙂

  4. Covet… ha you too?! I picked it up Tuesday. I think I may have gotten the last copy in the store. And when I was at my local independent seller yesterday I didn’t see a single copy. They may have made the first run too small.

    Out of my Kenyon phase at the moment. I’ll pick it up sooner or later though.

    I’m mad about Echo. Over priced – I was going to buy it on Kindle. Right now I’m waiting. And then of course Covet not being e-released. I’m thisclose to writing some publishing houses very nasty and pointed letters.

  5. Busy lady! All of your projects are looking great. Enjoy all of your books (I tried reading Outlander a few months ago but I just could not get into it)!

  6. The scarf is so pretty and yeah, I would opt out of the arty shot with only cacti to drape it on, ouch!

    I’ve read most of the Outlander series but it’s been ages so I’m going to start from the beginning, and listen to them. That way I can stitch and read!

  7. barbara (in Tennessee) says

    love the baby hat yarn, can you give me the details? thanks.

  8. I love the yarn for the hat, how pretty! Summer Queen is coming along beautifully.