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October 6th, 2009 by Annette

Dancing with the Stars….

Here’s my thoughts…

Mark & Lacey – Interesting rumba.  They didn’t quite have the connection between them to make it sexy.

Joanna & Derek – Still kind of tentative on the samba.  She needs to relax…

Mya & Dmitry – Oh my.  The girl has moves!  Beautiful rumba.

Melissa & Mark – Much better than expected given the intro.  I think the samba was quite good but she still needs to get some connection with the dance and the audience.

Louie & Chelsie – A new side of Louie.  Very serious…  Nice job!

Debi & Maks – Well, I love Maks.  Debi just doesn’t quite let enough energy go to make a spirited dance.

Donny & Kym – Not the smoothest dance of the night and he looked a bit uncomfortable at the beginning, but I’ll cast a vote in his direction 🙂

Michael & Anna – Nice samba, Michael.  But a little too relaxed this time.   Not nearly as precise as it needs to be.

Natalie & Alec – I love that Edyta came in to help Natalie with her rumba 🙂  Natalie has some gorgeous lines and hit some beautiful poses.

[OMG… Christmas commercial?!?!  We are barely in October!!]

Chuck & Anna – Holy moly, what a performance 🙂  Nice little samba for such a macho guy!

Aaron & Karina – What is with the blue shirt thing??  Just a simple white shirt and pants would have been so much better.  Rumba wasn’t smooth.

Tom & Cheryl – I admire his stubbornness, that’s for sure.  Great performance if not a perfect samba 🙂  Love the outfits and the music choice!

Kelly & Louis –  I love Kelly’s energy and her determination!  Great great samba 🙂


One Response to “Dancing with the Stars….”
  1. Chuck got my votes again! He just keeps trying and he actually is getting better. I love Maks too – can’t wait to watch more fighting. 😉