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October 10th, 2009 by Annette


For two days this past week, I hacked websites.

Of course, this was in a controlled environment and the ultimate goal was to code web applications to protect against the *real* hackers out there.

I work for a prominent credit card company and unlike this blog, we have a *lot* of information on our web apps that would make a hacker just giddy. Protecting our cardmembers’ information is easily the highest priority.

I learned that *one key* on the keyboard can open up a whole world of information on poorly-coded/insecure sites. I tell you, it was downright scary!

I also learned that phishing is far more successful than it should be. Can you tell the difference between these links? (should not work, for example only)


On the face of them, they look quite innocent. And all will lead you to the referenced website….. eventually. The last one is particularly sinister since you can’t actually see where you are going!

If you are interested in learning more about website security, try these sites:

HackThisSite – Yes, a place to learn all about hacking and security.

Open Web Application Security Project

Now I’m off to look at locks for my house…..


2 Responses to “Beware”
  1. WOW! Thank you for the info. Fall Break I’ll be spending a lot of time online and will definitly check this out.

    (originally, I posted this in the wrong thread….sorry!)

  2. Strangely my bank card was used fraudulently last week. My bank stopped 2 transactions and cancelled the card. They said it was probably a hacked website.
    I think your hair looks great!