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October 12th, 2009 by Annette


Kylie and I are on Twitter.

Her ID is “woobie331” – Woobie is what I’ve called her for several years.  I can’t even remember when it started or where it came from.

The following exchanges had her very excited this afternoon….

Mal Exchange:

malcomreynolds: Finally figured where @YoSafBridge [Saffron] disappeared off do. Should’ve guessed… old habits die hard, ‘specially with her

woobie331: @malcolmreynolds oh, that crazy lady.

malcomreynolds: @woobie331 She’d be my kind’a crazy if she weren’t so willin’ t’ risk my crew’s life

Kaylee Exchange:

Kaylee_Frye: Serenity’s core ain’t off, but she’s feelin’ real cold today. Might just be me, thinkin’ and dreamin’ too much. Time for hot cocoa!

woobie331: @Kaylee_Frye it’s always time for hot cocoa!

Kaylee_Frye: @woobie331 Cocoa ain’t somethin’ we get a lot of ’round here, but if ‘Nara or me make it, seems the whole crew comes runnin’.

woobie331: @Kaylee_Frye 🙁 that’s tragic. I suppose you could make a cocoa stash when you do get it!

Kaylee_Frye: @woobie331 *giggles* Any sorta ‘stash’ ain’t gonna last long ’round here. Not with Jayne stormin’ through the kitchens.

woobie331: @Kaylee_Frye drat

Kaylee_Frye: @woobie331 It ain’t a bad thing, baobei, means when we do get them things we don’t get real often they taste that much better.

woobie331: @Kaylee_Frye can’t argue with that ^^-

She had a *huge* grin on her face.  Amazing how happy one can be when conversing with a fictional character….

I admit, if Mal ever responded to me, though, my grin would be just as big 😀  I was excited when Castle friended me on Facebook LOL


2 Responses to “Twitter-pated”
  1. mochachick8 says

    I was VERY excited with the Real_Statham followed me on twitter. We’ll see if he’s real or not – jury’s still out. 😉

  2. Oh now, that is awesome!!!