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October 29th, 2007 by Annette

Nine Lives

Yes, I’m alive and well. Just a tad busy.

Life #1 – Stitching along on Blackbird Design’s Beneath the Sunlit Sky

I’ve managed to complete Part III of the SAL this weekend, which puts me right on schedule to finish the end of November (if I can manage to keep up, of course). Considering I had put only a minor dent in the first part as of the beginning of October, I’m quite happy with the progress. I will say that I love how the 40-ct fabric looks and feels, but using a Qsnap and magnifier makes it slower going.

Life #2 – Work is still Work

On Friday, I was able to take a bit of a break and participate in a “Team Building” outing with my peers. I scoured north central Phoenix for things like an unopened Starbucks straw, a pinecone, the furthest out-of-state license plate (my team won with Alaska), pictures of singing firemen, a golf scorecard, and dozens of other items. As you may have guessed, it was a scavenger hunt and it was an absolute blast! Six teams of six piled into six limos and had three hours to gather as many items as possible. My team came in third and we had a great time.

Life #3 – My First Fantasy Team

I’ve been participating in a Fantasy Football team with some of my cohorts from the project team I’m working on. I was hesitant to join the League as I enjoy watching playoff football, but tend to lose interest early on in the season of regular games (partially because we always get the less-than-exciting Arizona Cardinal games on TV). The organizer assured me that this would keep my interest high…..and he was absolutely correct. Of the 10 folks in the League, I’m doing pretty well for my first go. I was quite lucky in the draft and drew some very good players (Randy Moss, Dante Stallworth, Anquan Bolden [A Cardinal – go figure]). I’ve got a 5-1 record and until this week was in the overall lead….though I suspect I’ll be in the #2 spot after a week where my boys didn’t quite live up to their potential. Team name? The Nettes!

Life #4 – Merry

This week the latest Merry Gentry book came out A Lick of Frost and it was so nice to actually have some story movement and real *plot* as compared to the last installment.

Life #5 – HD DVR

Tuesday we had our new HD DVR installed from DirecTV. First thing recorded: House. I am in heaven. I’ll never miss another episode!!!

Life #6 – Car Woes

My sweet Jeep is at the dealership after simply quitting on DH on Saturday. She had taken me to and from the salon (nail appointment) but when DH tried to go to do a couple of his errands she had none of it. Luckily he’d only barely made it out of the driveway and was chatting with a neighbor when she expired. Unfortunately, the initial diagnosis from the service department is less-than-heartening and truthfully, downright insulting. I have faith they will see the error of their assumptions and my Jeep shall be returned to me no worse by the end of the week……..keep your fingers crossed, please.

Life #7 – Morganville

I also finished the first of the Morganville Vampire series Glass Houses by Rachel Caine. Short-ish novel and while not as zippy or as well developed as the Weather Warden Series, it was still good.  It’s also suitable for my 17-yr old to read, unlike the other.

Life #8 – “Next Five Starts”

There was a thread on The Wagon earlier this month asking about “your next five starts.”  I didn’t want to put too much thought into it because I was focused on catching up on the SAL (see Life #1).  Now that I’m caught up, I feel I can answer the question….in no particular order:

  1. Happy Pumpkin Fob by Shepherd’s Bush
  2. Moonlit Garden by Blackbird Designs
  3. Attic Needlework by Little House Needleworks/Crescent Colors (a special design for my LNS)
  4. Tuscan Garden Mandala by Chatelaine
  5. 12 Days of Christmas by Teresa Wentzler

Life #9 –  Question

Do you ever get the feeling that you need to *do* something but just can’t figure out quite what it is?  I know I need to get back to a more “normal” schedule during the week, but how on earth I’m going to accomplish it…..I’ve no idea.  Every time this project looks like it’s going to let me go, something happens that makes me question if anyone would step in and pick up what I’ve been doing.  I know I’m not irreplaceable but am I recoverable?  At least with the car challenge this week, I can skip the 2-hour commute each day……


3 Responses to “Nine Lives”
  1. What a lovely piece! I love the colors!

  2. I’d definitely say you have a lot going on!

  3. Glad to hear your alive and well. Busy YES very But you seem to be handling it just fine. : ) I agree the new Merry book was much better, could have been twice as long but better. : )