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November 3rd, 2007 by Annette


This is what happens when I start thinking about starting something new:

SB Happy Pumpking Fob

Shepherd’s Bush Happy Pumpkin Fob – completed 11/1

I didn’t do the finishing suggested in the kit – instead used my standard scissor fob finishing with the ribbon for the loop.

My car is in bad (read: expensive) condition.  After daily conversations with the dealer, DH and I came to the conclusion they have us exactly where they want us (read: paying thru the nose).  A lesson for all:  Keep ALL receipts for vehicle maintenance, no matter how trivial you think they may be.   So, another week or two and a new engine later….I’ll have my car back in working order with a new warranty.

The changes I referred to earlier?  They are in the works.  Since I’m working at home I’m finding it *far* easier to shut the laptop off at 6 and spend the evening with the family.  I’ve had discussion with my boss and after my planned Thanksgiving vacation (which he said I must take regardless..and will communicate such to the PM I’m working with) my “loan” to The Project is going to be curtailed to no more than 10 hours per week for the duration of  this year (though I’m off after December 14th).  We’ll see how the PM reacts…..I’m a free resource to him and he’s under tremendous pressure to cut costs now that we’re almost done….


4 Responses to “Results”
  1. Very cute! I bought this one at the SB retreat last September, but I still haven’t started it. I’ll need to get this one done, soon!

    Good luck with talking to your PM – as a PM myself, I know the issues of which you speak!

  2. Margaret says

    {{{Annette and car}}} I’m sorry you’re having so much car trouble. However it’s great to hear that you’ve been able to cut back the work hours a little!

    Once you get your car back, we’ll have to get together again!

  3. Stitching is good. But car repairs are bad. However, I can say from experience, even when you keep all the receipts, the one you need will find a way to hide itself just when you need it!

  4. your SB Halloween Fob came out great. Congrats on the finish.