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October 26th, 2009 by Annette


Kinda fell off the posting wagon, there.

I am happy to say I did *not* end up with the flu.  I did have a bit of headache and fever for a couple days, but nothing that kept me from working at home.

Then Thursday I had Jury Duty.

It was the Best Ever!!!

I didn’t have to report until 1pm and then sat and read (Lover Eternal) for a couple hours before being sent home.

That is my kind of jury duty!

Saturday was busy with errands (salon for mani/pedi, mammogram, used bookstore with Z, quick Hobby Lobby stop).  A friend of mine had a lovely baby girl show up on her doorstep (long story, but a happy ending), so I’ve started a crocheted blanket quickly.  She’s expecting her own baby girl in April, so I’ll do it all again soon!

Sunday I finished off the current Mirabilia RR Round – Queen Mermaid:

I also watched some football (go Cardinals!!) and spent a bit of time in the BDB world with Lover Awakened and Lover Revealed.

Tonight – Dancing with the Stars, Castle, more crochet, more BDB and packing up the Blog Giveaways (finally got the right sized boxes at the Post Office!!)



5 Responses to “oops….”
  1. Ooooo she’s pretty!

    All jury duties should be so pleasant.

  2. Sounds like things have been good!! Your stitching is gorgeous!!!!

  3. Knitting Fool says

    Wow – she’s pretty.

    Now that I know that you’re packing up the prize, I think I’ll go stand by the door and wait for the mailman to come 🙂

  4. Love that Queen Mermaid – it’s nice to see things out of context as such..

  5. The RR is so pretty!!! I love seeing everyone’s stitching. I saw in one of your earlier posts you have a Kindle? How do you like it. I just discovered it and I’m thinking I may ask “santa” for one.
    But not sure I’d like reading a novel from a screen???