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November 12th, 2009 by Annette

Soup to Nuts

I’m still plugging away on Halloween stitching (clickable):

I’m down to my favorite section.  The haunted house 🙂

I’m going to stick with it until I either get an overwhelming urge to stitch Christmas stuff or I finish it.  Obviously the preference is the latter 🙂  I will work in the latest Mirabilia RR installment over Thanksgiving, but that will be another incarnation of Queen Mermaid.  Also, working slowly on a baby blanket (crochet) for a dear friend that has unexpectedly fostered a new baby girl.

This past weekend, it finally got cool enough to break out the soup pot.

Yes, I think 80 degree weather is soup weather.  Can’t be too picky here in Arizona.  If you wait until it’s below 70, you may be lucky to get a two week window in January.

Family favorite is beef stew, which came out soooo yummy.  Instead of using the pre-cut stew meat, I bought a lovely marbled chuck roast and cut it into chunks (trimming it quite a bit).  Absolutely delicious!!

Another favorite for Kylie and I – Cauliflower soup.  (Mike & Zachary had meatloaf – yuck).  Rice, onion, garlic, chicken stock, parmesan and cauliflower.  Simple and very very tasty.

Other than that, I’m reading, trying to stay ahead of the DVR (though that will get easier soon, since two of the shows were cancelled this week:  Eastwick and Dollhouse 🙁 ) and counting days until vacation time at the end of the year 🙂

What about you?


12 Responses to “Soup to Nuts”
  1. WhizGidget (Ann) says

    Ooo. Beef stew! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Especially with some good garlic mashed potatoes to ladle it over, or with some creamy polenta! Or noodles. I’m not that picky about my starch. 😉

    The Halloween piece is pretty!

    And I’m trying to stay ahead of the DVR too (difficult when there is such good television on this year – theforgotten and FlashForward have not been watched *at all*… that’ll be a fun day catching up on all of those)

  2. Fox has said that they will still broadcast the remainder of this season of Dollhouse. Ep 11 is being filmed now and apparently Joss is working on editing scripts for 12 and 13 so there’s a reasonable closure.

    And beef stew sounds lovely.

  3. We’ve had conventional soup weather here in PA. I’ve made seafood chowder and “fall minestrone” (add pancetta, kale, and portobellos) this week. I love soup. So filling.

  4. Love me some beef stew. Good idea for Sunday. Great minds & all that, I cut out a Cauliflower soup recipe from the newspaper yesterday.

    Halloween is looking great!

  5. Nice progress on those Halloween fllip its. All that talk of food is making me hungry. Gotta go have a snack lol

  6. Halloween piece looks great. What do you mean Eastwick and Dollhouse were cancelled? I have been signed up for TV Guide’s daily newsletter and haven’t been getting them. I am really bummed about this.

  7. I know what you mean about the two week soup window. Living in Florida, while the rest of the country is talking about the autumn colors, fires in the fire place we’re still in shorts and flip flops and running the A/C. I love it when it gets cool enough to bake and make soups and stews. Any particular beef stew recipe you use?

  8. Beef stew = awesome. My best friend is my crock pot, so I’ve become Queen of Soup Recipes. Otherwise we’d starve as busy as this household seems to be.

    Halloween is so fun! Can’t wait to see the haunted house stitched up. WIP pics are always so much better than chart pics.

  9. Mmmm, I love soup and could eat it year-round. Fantastic stitching too

  10. Love the stitching, that is such a cute design!!! Anytime is good time for soup when that is what you want!

  11. FlashForward episode 12 rockss I’m happy that ABC began the production of episodes again

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