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November 18th, 2009 by Annette


On Monday, I sent off five packages.

One was not really a surprise itself (the extra book from my recent signing adventure) but I added more to the box.  One item matched (well, mostly) the items in the other four packages.  And the recipient of the box, is the one that started my creativity flowing with a simple comment in an email exchange….

All recipients know who they are as I requested their addresses 🙂  And they know the “theme” of the item sent (Black Dagger Brotherhood – the crackilicious series).

I am DYING for any of them to make it to their destination to see if they like it.  I kept one for myself, of course, but don’t want to show it until a couple land safely.

Thankfully, all are US addresses, so it should be just a few days……

I feel like a kid waiting on Christmas….


9 Responses to “Waiting”
  1. I can’t wait for mine to arrive. I keep running to the mail box every day to see if something is here. I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as it arrives. I can’t wait to find out what it is!

  2. So I should start stalking the post man very soon. :o)

  3. I don’t really care that my Kindle doesn’t use a bookmark. That bookmark is going with it.

    Thank you very! much.

  4. I’m waiting for a letter from Oregon. Day 7. Not sure what is up with USPS, but I hope your wait goes faster than mine!

  5. Mine arrived. You are awsome! Love it. Like MissyAnn, when I’m reading the Kindle, the bookmark goes with. Great inspiration. 😉

  6. Annette, because of you and Missy Ann I have become a diehard fan of the BDB. I’m wondering how good the audioversions are. I’m up to the third book–I got sidetracked by the new Stephen King.

  7. Ack, I hit submit too soon, the reason why I wonder how good the audioversions are is that I hate having to decide between stitching or reading so I’m a bit of an audiobook addict and have been for years. Then again the audioversion might be a little too uh, stimulating! LOL

    Also, I’m looking into the Magic Loop method, I thought I had an instruction book around here when I bought my very first sock yarn, I know it’s here somewhere I just never read through it because I wanted to learn how to knit socks old school but DPN have kicked my butt at the moment. So the Magic Loop technique might work for me.

  8. I love my Bookmark !!! Thank you Thank you Thank you. I am going to use it in Heat Wave first. Wouldn’t take be and interesting introduction.

  9. I like this series, but my son LOVES this series! If I win this draw, he’ll get the bookmark for Christmas! (maybe….)